: Mint 1980 Coupe

DopeStar 156
08-02-07, 01:01 AM
Spotted this thing at a Chrysler dealer by my school. It's so clean and mint I think it has a hymen. $3500 sticker price, really clean and I think it's got something like 50k on it and all original. Anyone in Jersey interested go get it, it looks like an elderly trade in.....

Borough Chrysler in Wayne off Hamburg Turnpike. Somone needs to grab this thing......


08-02-07, 08:19 AM
He's put this one on ebay a few times...The latest auction ended today, so it should be sold and the bidding peaked @ $1700. He's a tad optimistic asking $3500 IMO.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cadillac-DeVille-DTS-58-K-MILES-1980-CADILLAC-COUPE-DeVILLE-LEATHER-58K-MILES-16514A_W0QQitemZ150145805479QQihZ005QQcategoryZ614 6QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

08-02-07, 08:21 AM
That one sure is "cherry!"

08-02-07, 10:19 AM
Oooh nice, '80 is my favorite year for that style. Can't go wrong with the 368 V-8!

Jonas McFeely
08-02-07, 07:33 PM
That one sure is "cherry!"

LOL :highfive:

08-02-07, 09:21 PM
For a second, I thought the "80" sticker said "$ 0" ....

08-02-07, 09:36 PM
You NJ guys define "cherry" much differently than FL guys. Thats for sure!.

08-02-07, 09:50 PM
You NJ guys define "cherry" much differently than FL guys. Thats for sure!.

I'm an NJ guy. I don't think the car is cherry at all. I think the dealer was out of his mind for asking $3500. It's all moot anyway cause the car sold on ebay this morning for $1700.

The Ape Man
08-03-07, 04:24 AM
Red flag whenever you see something on EBAY Motors sell to someone with a low number of transactions. Salespeople sit around at car dealerships creating throw away EBAY accounts for B.S. purposes.
Could be perfectly legit too but that would mean someone really paid a lot for a car that will need a lot of body and paintwork to be right.

08-03-07, 04:34 PM
I took a look at the car today, It is defititely not mint. The Fender got hit, the rear bumper is rotting out. Also the interior is not bad, but the seats are fatigued with cracks going through them either from heavy use or much sunlight. Also the car appears to be repainted. It is worth from $1500 to $2000. It is a clean project car for somebody to fix up.