: Which old coupe??

07-30-07, 05:36 PM
Thinking about an old GM coupe...

How does the 78/79 Coupe de Ville compare to the 80-85? (i.e. power, interior equipment, reliability)

Also, I'm a big fan of the 80-85 Eldo/Toro/Riv (especially in their Touring Coupe, Caliente, S-Type variants). Other than the front wheel drive and the size, how would those compare to the de Villes?

Any thoughts? Thanks!

07-30-07, 05:43 PM
as far as engines and it is completely based on my feelings alone you never hear any one say geez that 78 what a dogg but tfor 80-85 you hear alot between the 4-6-8 engine and the 4100 nightmare engine seems to be an issue as far as interior my grandfather had a 78 white on tan and it was nice but my father had an 81 coup[e that was 2 tone dark blue and silver on dark blue and with all the extras was a dream interior to this day its my vision of what im looking for since the car was passed down to me (no longer own it) but the body style with the aggressive rear glass is far superior to my eyes than the 79 version alltho there is one that is awesome thats benzillaz i never liked that body style til i saw his phaeton but there ide take an 80 coupe over a 79 just my personal choice.......

07-30-07, 05:51 PM
Benzilla -- if you see this --

You've had both CDV models -- which one drove better? Love the 78s/79s...

07-30-07, 05:52 PM
This could go on for days, but I'll limit myself.

Comparing my '79 CDV to my '83 CDV, the '79 is a better car. To start with, it has the 425 CID Cadillac big block with the TH4100 transmission. A combo that cannot be beaten, it'll go forever, and do so with satisfactory (to most) power. In 1980 they switched to the 368, which is the 425's little brother. Then in 1981 they put the V 8-6-4 set up on the engine, which caused some reliability problems. Just to have an engine that would run, they switched to the HT4100 aluminum 250 CID in 1982. The engine is a boat anchor. Slow, cantankerous, and high maintenance. That's that.

Interior quality didn't change greatly, however I prefer the late '70s to post 1980. Little things like chromed tips for the visors, and a floor mounted dimmer switch just endear it to me. I also like the wood trim more.

Exterior design is purely a matter of taste, both are built like tanks, and both are susceptible to bumper filler crumble. Again, personally I like the looks of the 1977-1979 Coupe DeVille better than the 1980-1984 Coupe DeVille. However, the 1980-1985 Fleetwood Coupe is a knock out. Same body, but upgraded trim and a larger landau top really set it off nicely.

The Eldorado was marketed for more than the DeVille series, and was considered a 'personal luxury coupe' - A very big trend at the time. A base Eldorado had more standard features, and a more luxurious interior than a base DeVille, but as far as driveability goes, I can't tell you.

So, if you want the later bodystyle, a 1980 Coupe DeVille or Fleetwood coupe would be the best of both worlds. Avoid the later engines.

That's all for me.

07-30-07, 07:02 PM
I'll give my two cents because I've driven a few examples of both the larger RWD coupes and the smaller FWD ones.

I like the RWD ones more because they're still large inside. For some odd reason, the FWD ones don't have much interior space, despite their generous overall size. In the Toro/Eldo/Riv, the dash is too close to my chest, and there doesn't seem to be much headroom, it just seems a lot smaller inside, but that's probably intended considering it's the PERSONAL luxury coupe. With the RWD models, there is still more than ample head and legroom front and rear. I don't feel cramped in those at all. I like the post 1980 style more...mainly because of the redesigned roofline and c-pillar...more boxy & Cadillac formal. Out of all your choices, I'd take a Fleetwood Coupe, preferably an '80 or '81 before I'd get into any of the HT4100 stuff. Otherwise, a Coupe deVille is always nice, and again, an '80 or '81 is top choice. But the FWD models will be a bit quicker due to the slightly less weight they have, and if I'm not mistaken, they'll handle a bit better, but the RWD ones will be a bit smoother.

The Ape Man
07-30-07, 07:13 PM
FWD of this vintage cost more to keep alive and is more difficult to repair.

Fleetwood 2 door will be worth real money in the future due to production numbers being low.

It's all fun.

07-30-07, 09:06 PM
I don't mean to hog the thread, but this seems to be the right topic. First off I personally prefer the post-'80 sedan; they're like little (not really) limos to me. I also prefer the low profile rear window. But I've flirted with the 2-door Cadillacs and have found the '78 Eldo most appealing to me as far as body lines and the the hardtop design; the interior also resembles the boaty interior of the previous Fleetwood generation. But how does it handle? I've had most experience with the 307 Brougham. How does an old FWD 425 setup feel? After all, it's just a big on the inside, unlike '79 on. Thoughts?

07-30-07, 09:15 PM
The more I think about it -- if I did one of these, it would have to be the 425ci. I really don't want to have to worry about 'another' engine (I have a '95 Concours...). If I researched it correctly, the 425ci has more HP than the 4100, but that is probably negated due to the extra weight.

I had a 1977 Grand Prix as my first car, which had a 180 HP 400ci IIRC and was similar in size to a 78/79 CDV. That's what I imagine the 78/79 CDV would drive like only with a more floaty ride. However, I do miss driving my dad's old 1970 Grand Prix w/appx 370 HP(which he still has and I should fix up...)...:thumbsup:

I like the 77/78 Eldos as well (and Toronados also, but Riv's of that time, not so much) -- they just seem harder to find in good shape unless they're high dollar convertibles.

My biggest problem w/any of these is that they would require another storage bay...I believe all of these are longer than my Avalanche :eek: and would not fit in my garage...

07-30-07, 09:22 PM
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07-30-07, 09:45 PM

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