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Tampa Dave
07-30-07, 05:22 PM
Tampa Dave here. I just joined the forum minutes ago. I just picked up a new 2007 Cadillac STS on Wednesday. Highlights include Thunder Gray paint, modest chrome rims and a mesh grille.

I am a lawyer in Clifton, Virginia, practicing in Washington, DC. Aside from golf, college football, and a few other passions, I am quite proud to join the Cadillac crowd. I grew up idolizing Cadillac as the ultimate symbol of American success. It still remains so. I have owned several Jaguars and BMWs in the past, yet none compare to Cadillac on the road. What took me so long?

Why Tampa Dave? I went to undergraduate school at the University of South Florida in Tampa (Class of '85). I hope to move back to Tampa in 2013, so "Tampa Dave" allows me the briefest reminders of my future in the Sunshine State.

I look forward to participating in the forum from time to time. I will have to get pictures of my STS on the site.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.

Tampa Dave

07-30-07, 05:32 PM
Hello Dave and :welcome5: Congrats on the new Caddy!

07-30-07, 05:38 PM
Welcome Tampa Dave from a fellow Tamponian,
Congrats on the STS.

Lord Cadillac
07-30-07, 05:42 PM
Welcome, Dave! Thanks for signing up! Attorney, huh? Cool, we need one of those hanging around. :) Otherwise.. We have lots of nice Tampa meets. Hopefully you'll make it to the next one. I think it's in November...

07-30-07, 05:57 PM
howdy :)

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07-30-07, 07:32 PM
:welcome: Dave. Congrats on the new STS. :thumbsup:

07-30-07, 07:52 PM
...from a fellow Tamponian...

OK, now that's funny. :lol:

07-30-07, 11:27 PM
Congrats on the STS, Dave. I know a lawyer with an STS-V; now that's some speedy litigation prep right there.

IBG again. Where's Gurl? :(

07-31-07, 06:50 AM
Congrats on the new STS and welcome to the forum!

07-31-07, 09:39 AM
:welcome: Dave

07-31-07, 09:43 AM
Welcome Tampa Dave from a fellow Tamponian,
Congrats on the STS.

That's almost as bad as the USC Trojans :rimshot:

Just kidding! :welcome5: Tampa Dave