: Problem with something when going up hill in RWD V8

Benjamin Simon
07-29-07, 11:04 PM
When going up hills, the cars seams to be "bouncing" like I am hitting lost of small bumps. This only occurs at speeds below 40 mph while going up hills. I have heard of the problems with AWD, but mine is RWD V8.

Until someone else noticed it when driving with me, I thought I was imaging it.

Suggestions? I was thinking the Tranny.

07-29-07, 11:19 PM
You're describing torque converter shudder. Take it to the dealer. I think there are some TSB's. It would help if you could find a convenient place to demonstrate it for them.

Benjamin Simon
07-30-07, 01:44 AM
I see. Any idea on what the solution would be? I really don't want my car in the shop for a few days.

07-30-07, 10:57 AM
TSB # 3456D. I'm having this done to my 05STS this week. Same probs.

Benjamin Simon
07-30-07, 11:15 PM
Does that only apply to AWD? I have RWD.

08-01-07, 12:22 PM
I had it done yesterday to my 05 RWD V8, and it now drives great. Get er done! You won't be dissapointed. It shouldn't take the dealer much time to do this. There is a TSB on the 05 V8, and it worked for mine. I was in N.C. on the Blue Ridge Pkwy., and it drove like crap. Most of the time I left it in 4, to prevent the TC shudder. Now it's fixed. Don't let the dealer talk you out of it, just give them the TSB # and have them do it.