: I'm back, after a brief hiatus

07-28-07, 10:55 AM
Well, haven't been around much lately, this new job has been keeping me from the place I love so much. I just finished my third week as Dart Transit's newest City Operations Fleet Manager. My account is Premium Waters, the folks that make




I'm working 8:00 to 5:whenever. The pay is good, salary plus bonus and weekend time (two days on two weekends every 6 or 7 weeks). It's my job to set up and get all of Premium's loads from Chippewa Falls, WI, to various locations around the Twin Cities. Fun job, but I don't have the time for the forum like I use to. I'll try and be on here more now that I'm getting settled in. :highfive:


07-28-07, 11:22 AM
Glad to hear you like it Brian. Welcome to the "forty plus hour weeks" club!

Jonas McFeely
07-28-07, 12:13 PM
Im a Zephyrhills man. And call me a snob, but nothing compares to the taste of Fiji. I think they put heroin in it or something.

Lord Cadillac
07-28-07, 03:20 PM
Good to see ya, Brian. Yeah, priorities.. They sneak up and bite ya in the ass. Don't they?

07-29-07, 12:39 AM
Sup Brian!

So is the water any good?

07-29-07, 01:00 AM
The best tasting water in the world comes out of a pipe stuck in the hillside alongside the highway near Isabel Pass, Alaska.