: Lokking for a 80-81 coupe devile or 2 dr fleetwood

07-27-07, 10:02 PM
im new to this site but familiar with my love of the 2 dr coupe for me theres nothing like em.I had one when i was 18 but i was to young and dumb to realise the beauty as i loved the car i was a broke beer drinkin weed smoking teen.so im looking to get the car of my dreams back and make ammends lol .Im going to be looking at an 80 coupe deville sometime this weekend .See what kind of condition she is in .But im curious to know if anyone knows of any others up for sale i live in mass but would drive for a drivable caddy.....

07-28-07, 10:34 AM
i know i know i had terrible spelling but nothing ....these cars are getting more and more toughto find............

07-28-07, 10:40 AM
There's always a few on ebay, but you're right, they're starting to increase in value. I'd love to find a triple black 80 or 81 Fleetwood coupe, but the odds of finding one in great condition that isn't low-rided or pimped out is not great.


07-28-07, 10:56 AM
yea what a pain in the ass its become i was lookin and everything has bags dumps pumps batteries hydrolics i just want it restored to its original elegance with a lil flare like rims......

07-28-07, 01:32 PM
saw this on ebay but i can tell he is probably going to ask for at least 3 grand .....http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cadillac-Fleetwood-Boroughm-Antique-Caddy-Fleetwood-Coupe_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6149QQihZ015QQite mZ250147484672QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW