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07-27-07, 01:04 AM
Ebay item: 190135259013

I saw this car get sold on an offer of $8k a couple weeks ago. Apparently the buyer was better at offering than paying.

It's listed as a "buy it now" of $9995. It has a pending offer, so move fast if your looking for a V4P. They don't know what they have and haven't shown the RPO tag so I'm just going by the mechanical fan. Have you ever seen a mechanical fan on a 96 FWB that wasn't a V4P?

disclosure: I have no interest and knowledge of the car or seller other than what is listed in their auction.

07-27-07, 07:01 AM
I went to look at it a couple weeks ago. It is a nice car, does have some wear on the interior and some scarring from its northern heritage that you can't see in the pics. It is worth about $6,500, which is what I offered them and they refused.

My father just picked up a 1 owner '96 Roadmaster Limited with every option including the tow package, heated seats, cd player, and 80K miles for $3,000 :eek:

07-27-07, 10:40 PM
SOLD! $7500 offer accepted.

07-29-07, 11:36 PM
V4P's all had V08 std, V08 was the HD Cooling with Mech Fan provisions. Optional on all, but few got it, more Caprices got it with 9C1 (cop car) options.

I bought my 94 FWB V4P for $3800 here. Not perfect, but good condition.

I just keep adding small mods, but racking up the miles, over 228000 now... Going for the SEO 1T1 (http://h-body.org/people/projects/building_lt1/lt1%20info.html)option next week, got all the hoses finally!

Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,10197619,Hose Asm
Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,10219447,Hose-cool
Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,10256544,Hose Asm
Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,10258505,Valve Asm
Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,10260863,Hose Asm
Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,10260864,Hose Rad Upper
Hoses,SEO 1T1 Silicone Rubber Hose Kit,12522853,Hose

And SEO Engine Oil Cooler and SEO Power Steering Oil Cooler. Ahh the fun of modding your Fleetwood. It is getting addicting.....

I have the springs, not sure if I will use them, afraid too stiff....

07-29-07, 11:40 PM
Modding is very addicting, and it can get to the point where your Fleetwood goes from daily driver to show car...:eek:

07-30-07, 12:48 AM
I was hunting a V4p for a couple of years but never had the courage to pull the trigger on one sight-unseen. Anyway, I ended up buying a 96 superior six-door fleetwood locally and I'm trying to get it ready for some highway towing.

Thanks for the great link you posted above. I've learned that my limo's heavy duty cooling package (although missing the mechanical fan) is sufficient to protect the engine and tranny while towing my 3K lbs. trailer. It seems I'll have to settle for the 2.93-9.5" instead of the 3.42, but I'm thinking this might even be a little better for cruising 70-75 mph under load in D.

07-30-07, 07:23 AM
Does your limo have the 9.5" axle?

You won't hurt it in D at 75 with those gears. A little high rpms, but it will be fine. The LT1 (at least 94-96 could care less) spinning a tad high. Towing with a 4L60/700R4/4L60E is a no no in OD.

Get the 3.42's if you can, you will appreciate them a lot. I have them and LOVE them. I gotta get them back in, I have a 3.08 posi in temp till I rebuild my 3.42 axle. And if the 3.42's are wiped, I might go with 3.90's..... Nuts I know....

07-30-07, 11:30 AM
The limo does have the 9.5" gear set which I have read is nearly bullet-proof.

If towing on OD is taboo, could you tow at 75 w/ 3.42s?

I'm trying to find a balance of economy, comfort and performance. I think the 4door FW is almost ideal, but the extra room of the 3rd seat is pretty handy when traveling cross country with the family. I'd have preferred the 4 door, but this one showed up in my neighborhood.

The only real set-back is parking a 22 footer everywhere you stop. So far we've travelled about 2200 miles and really haven't had any problems though.

07-31-07, 09:24 PM
And SEO Engine Oil Cooler and SEO Power Steering Oil Cooler. Ahh the fun of modding your Fleetwood. It is getting addicting...
Do you, or anyone else, have a photo of these options as they are installed? I want them for when I start hauling my project cars around :)

07-31-07, 10:11 PM
I will soon! Here is the RPO 7P8 Auxilary Engine Oil Cooler (http://capricess.com/tech/oil_cooler/seo.htm). It mounts like the trans oil cooler, but on the other side.

So far my first issue is the 9C1 cars do not come with a radiator engine oil cooler like my 94 Fleetwood has (a friend of mine has a stock V03 base cooling car and he says it has an engine oil cooler in the radiator, still I need to verify), so the radiator is wider and the oil cooler lines don't clear it. My goal is the put the aux external air to oil engine cooler before the factory radiator engine oil cooler so the oil is cooled before the radiator gets it. This keeps the oil cooled, but maintained a steady temp for better lubricity and economy by keeping it warm, but controlled to a fairly strict 180F.

Some additional good reading on what 9C1 SEO options you can do for your 77-96 RWD Fleetwood/Deville/Brougham... http://impalasswiki.mswest.net/wiki/9C1

I am sorta miffed I didn't have the time to get the SEO 7Z5, the aux fuse block inside the car. I did get the underhood block, but not the insider (near e-brake) 7Z5 block. Takes the larger fuses like the 80's cars.

As for the cooler:
V4P Without: http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t142/mompower/DSC00086.jpg
9C1 With: http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t142/mompower/9C1engine.jpg You can just see the top of it.

07-31-07, 10:43 PM
Sorry for the bad pic, but it's dark out here. This is the enhanced cooling on the 96 FW Limo. It doesn't have a steering cooler - I think those were found mainly on the 9C1's:

08-01-07, 08:15 AM
Looks like the same aux fan that is on my 454 Suburban.

The SEO 7L9, Power Steering Cooler is std on 9C1 cars too, bet it is std on the Limo. I have it from the parts car, but I had to cut off the end that went into the box, I just didn't have time to take it off properly without ruining the rest. But it is honestly nothing more than a long pipe with a loop in it. I will add it when I can, not high priority, but I have heard in Autocrossing and road racing you WILL over heat the power steering. Those cars might have had headers will will aggravate the problem. The B/D LT1's have a remote reservoir which helps a lot, but it still gets very hot. I run Amsoil synthetic in mine, due to the cold temps here in Wisconsin, I was have cold start whine and it was the stock fluid so thick it was trying to suck air through the seals in the pump itself making a horrible loud noise. Synthetic helped a lot, now it takes colder to do it and it is much less time it does it.

Check this link out for the Impala SS Archives (http://www.goldsswagon.com/Impala%20SS%20Technical%20Archives.htm) but I don't recommend clicking on the links, the guy copied the pages, but didn't update the links, so you need to search down on your own to find stuff. At least they were saved, I have it somewhere saved too, but I don't know where.

I was gonna get the Caprice fuel bib, but the Caprice and Fleetwood use very different fuel doors and I don't think Fleetwoods need it.

I only got a couple of them, but I was hoping to put more of the 9C1 grounding kit in. There is ground wires everywhere. Even the tailpipes are grounded! Those we had to cut, we were torching and we needed it out quick so we just whacked them. But I got the hood to body and a couple more underhood. I need to find a good 9C1 to find out where to do them all.

I have the 9C1 wipers, 9C1 air deflectors, station wagon "YH" rear springs (factory too soft for me), ZQ8 bumpstops, soon to install SEO 1T1 green hoses, SEO 7P8 engine oil cooler, SEO 7L9 power steering cooler, 9C1 SEO springs, factory already have 9C1 sway bars (now have extra set), 9C1 rear end (maybe...) to get the SEO rear discs. I have a ton of extra parts now that are gonna be very helpful. I draw the line at wig wags..... Sorry, not going that far! I will probably work on dual trunk lights soon, I have them (not factory) that go under the trunk lid like a 9C1.

08-01-07, 10:11 AM
I'll take a closer look in daylight later today. Are the SEO's on the RPO tag?:


08-01-07, 03:53 PM
The 9C1 car I had did have all on the SPID.

This must be a limo, as it has FE9, which I think is a limo option. GW9 is 2.93's, J55 is HD brakes (I think that is the larger C/K1500 11.5 x 2.75" brakes), sans ABS/TC. I have those brakes from my 96 Suburban axle I am pondering putting on mine if I don't do the discs. I just want the weight savings of the discs over drums. But the power of the big drums is enticing.... The Limo's would have got the discs if they were more powerful. The drums are also slightly less drag so better mpg...

08-03-07, 05:14 PM
I noticed these two Federal 6 door limos on eBay right now both have the same modified cooling system. In particular, it looks like there has been a big cooler with 2 electric fans and extra controls. Is that super-sized cooler for the engine oil or tranny? It has the same RPOs as my limo, so perhaps this is a Federal Mod.

Item #'s: 290144703587 and 110155987526


08-03-07, 05:52 PM
My guess is they are the Limo conversion company mods. They did remove some of the GM cross bracing and added the coolers. The mech fan has the advantage of being on all the time, where the electrics on/off. Being the GM trans cooler is still there, my guess would be the big cooler is for engine oil. Odd GM didn't find it necessary to put the 9C1 SEO cooler in factory. I would love to get a limo for parts from a boneyard for stuff like that. I like to have overkill in the fluid cooling capacity. I will keep the air to liquid coolers in place, feeding the GM radiator coolers. So coolant doesn't get too cool, and if it does get too cool, the cooler temps will cool down the coolant, keeping a more consistent cooling system overall.