View Full Version : Throttle Body -mass Air Flow Sensor

john d
07-27-07, 12:38 AM
Anyone cleaned the throttle body or mass air flow sensor yet?
If so, tell us what you used and how it went....been reading that both should be cleaned when the air filter is changed.

07-27-07, 11:33 PM
My dealer sends me "service specials" that suggest cleaning every 20,000 miles @ $99.95. My wifes 99 N*V8 Concours (driving in Sou CA) has yet to have it done @ 37,000 miles; but would expect to do it if engine did not seem to run well. I do recall that in my carburetor autos, used to treat the intake with a spray (also usually to keep the Manual Auto-choke) from freezing up; but should not be a problem with modern injection schemes.

08-01-07, 01:57 PM
I clean the MAF on my 99 crownvic using electrical contact cleaner only. Do not try and touch anything with a Q-tip or cloth as it will break the filament. If you are running a K&N air filter and over oil you may want to clean more often. Always disconnect the connector before cleaning. Disconnect the battery to reset the computer settings so it will relearn the clean MAF output.