: HPtuners and 3.6

07-26-07, 08:16 PM
Anyone used HPtuners on the 3.6 SRX yet? They have engine support and should have 5spd auto soon. I am sure I could get some more ponies with 93 octane gas and a bump in timing.

Just wonder if anyone else has check it out.

07-26-07, 10:53 PM
I've considered it but the SRX it's my wife's car and I not sure she would care!

07-29-07, 10:53 PM
Hmm, I've got HP Tuners for my 2001 Grand Prix. Wonder if I can get the SRX code as well, and play around with it.

07-30-07, 09:34 AM
If you'd like to try it out just email support with your serial number and a link to this thread & we'll get you the latest beta with the 3.6 support ;)