: Started removing the northstar

04-12-04, 09:17 PM
I am posting this for all those northstar 97 eldorado owners that are leaking oil and water. Seems like I have been stressing over it well enough and now have started to repair my carriage to perfection. Blind as a bat I commenced in a rage after overheating for the last time. It's like quitting a bad habit cruising around buying a gallon of Dex-Cool every Tank of gas. The pure loniness of the quit ride makes it such a additicion that many have the gumpsion to commit to fixing it prior to riding it in save mode but I was able to resist and now am commited to a long and trouble free promise by repair and restore (RAR). The best day to commence such a project would be a good day what a better dat than good Friday to pick? Now its monday and using the alternte procedure I am stuck on the first commandment in the second page the 37088 tool to disconnect the hi-pressure fuel line. The caliper reads 3/8 inside diameter to pierce the virgin feamale connecter without a tool I'm soo cheap I've decided to make my own 37088. So I am stalled at the radiator in the shed with the evaporator still attached. The overflow unbolted unwilling to disconnect the dryer because of the hi humidity in Fl. Can anyone rent me a 37088?


04-12-04, 09:24 PM
Can anyone rent me a 37088?
Just go to autozone or checkers and buy a 'Fuel Line Quick Disconnect' tool. Its about 5.00 or so.

04-12-04, 09:36 PM
Thank you thought it was a dealer specific tool you da man!!!