: new radiator

07-24-07, 02:02 PM
i have an 02 cadillac deville just wondering will a radiator with or without extra cooling fit my car or would they both fit just the same . Thanks

07-24-07, 08:20 PM
Extra cooling?

07-25-07, 04:42 AM
Larry, extra cooling capacity. Like the old days, going from a 2 or 3 row radiator to a 4 row.
The 99 Tahoe I had listed an exra cooloing radiator
and had a much larger core then the original, making it "extra cooling"
The side tanks were the same so it was a bolt in.

07-25-07, 12:44 PM
now the problem is this i ordered a radiator with extra cooling . I called a dealership and they told me that i had to order one with out extra cooling because those were made for limos, I then called another cadillac dealership and asked them they told me that it would fit. Im pretty much stuck can anyone help me out. Thanks

07-25-07, 01:22 PM
It should fit, as I said my Tahoe came with a standard radiator
and I installed an "extra cooling" version.

07-25-07, 04:08 PM
okay thanks