: Following in the footsteps of Ben

07-23-07, 11:55 PM
All this talk of paint got me thinking, and thanks to seeing that Phaeton on its way to new paint got me wishing my '90 looked half-decent. So I took her to a reputable shop to get an estimate on the fender that I replaced. The guy was so friendly he said he'd take the dents out of my door and repaint it too... all for 200 smackers. I know it's not the grandiose paint job that we've been following, but I'm just cleaning her up to sell; of course for another Brougham. See what's she's been - three colors! BTW, what do you think I can get for a 307 carb'd '90 with 138K miles? Only issue is a water leak.

http://s1.simpload.com/072346a594c3cf182.jpg http://s1.simpload.com/072346a594e427ade.jpg

By the way I've gotten the ball rolling on my Custom Cruiser who is WELL over due for new paint.

http://s1.simpload.com/072346a594d0b9d4d.jpg http://s1.simpload.com/072346a594db85480.jpg

07-24-07, 04:58 PM
2 bills is a great deal for that paint work. Fix the leak, and you will get more for the car. What tires are those?

The Cruiser will be cool. De-wooding? What year/engine?

07-24-07, 09:01 PM
Actually it's a 1983 with the same 307 as the Brougham, but from what I here it has somewhat more power due to a minor difference. And actually I intend to get some vinyl paper from Home Depot and stick it on the car, then cover it with spar varnish. I'm flipping it, so do you think the wood look brings a higher dollar than one color? Strange thing though is that I've fixed and replaced nearly every mechanical component, but the catalytic converter still nearly burns a whole through the car it gets so hot and the engine overheats every 20 miles on the road... and that's after I replaced the oxygen sensor and got a new CC. It only started happening after I ran some leak stopper through the radiator to stop a leak. Thoughts?

And that tire you see on the Brougham is some weird off-road tire that a guy put on for 20 bucks when the other got a bubble. But the others are regular tires. I kinda bugs me because the tread is different and the white wall is different.

07-24-07, 10:56 PM
1. The cat gets hot if the mixture is too rich. You've got to figure out why it is rich to cool the cat. If the cat is exposed to a rich condition for long, it will fail.
2. The car is overheating (likely) because the thin tubes in the rad are clogged with stopleak. Get a new rad, and do a complete flush to get the old crap out. Reverse flush the heater core. Put in a new thermostat, facing the right way, of course...
3. Since you plan to replace the wood, try using a heat gun, a plastic scraper, then lots of Goo Gone to clean the wood/adhesive off. You'll have to do this to put down new wood, anyways. Leave the trim. I bet it will look good, and you will have to wax the rest of the car to match the shine under where the wood was!