: Roadmaster seats in the brougham

93 Tinker Tanker
07-23-07, 12:00 AM
Does anybody know where i can get some roadmaster seats to swap with my seats in the brougham...the Roadmaster seats are more comfortable and have more cusion...the brougham seats are kinda bad on your back...Thanks let me know if anyone has done this and please post pics...

Cadillac Giovanni
07-23-07, 12:30 AM
actually i find the brougham seats to be the perfect seat for my back, i could sit in those seats for hours.

Sorry i can't help you, i just wanted to throw in my two cents. Check ebay first i guess, i know there's a set of brougham seats for sale, but obviously that's no help. You could try car-part.com, you can get in touch with salvage yards all over the country to see if they have what you need.

07-23-07, 07:21 AM

07-24-07, 08:16 PM
What year Roadmaster seats are you looking for? The 1991-94 Limiteds had the best seats...much more padding and cushioning than the 95-96 Limiteds, and that's what I had.