: Headlight removal

07-21-07, 03:06 PM
I did a search on the archives and see where 1 member removed the bulb without removing the front bumper. Does anyone else know this method?

Number 3
07-25-07, 06:27 PM
I have to go, but when I get back I will fill you guys in...

Number 3
07-27-07, 03:23 PM
Alright! This is the 411! You can gain access to the low beam without removing the bumper. On the driver side, remove the air box to able to view the rear of the headlight housing. The back end is screwed on, so you are able to reach 3 of the 4 screws which allow you to snake your hand in and remove the bulb and what not. The passenger side is a lil more difficult in the fact that it is harder to remove the fuse box, but it is done in the similar fashion. I hope this helps. Good luck!