: Xbox 360

07-20-07, 04:48 PM
I see you guys had some discussions on the 360 before my thread got removed. The elite 360 costs 479 and the newer not first run machines have a much lower failure rate. You won't even know which systems have the new processors as microsoft isn't even going to advertise it they are just going to update it like sony has in the past with it's many differen ps2s. The ones I have work perfectly and I have had it for nearly two years you just have to have it open to the free air so it isn't given the oppurtunity to overheat. Namely putting it in an enclosed area and the original xbox was like that as well it overheated if you put it in an enclosed area.

07-20-07, 10:38 PM
Yeah I noticed they locked the original thread too.

MS will, at least if they want to earn some credibility back, announce the new revision hardware I'm pretty sure a month or two either before or after it hits the market. And the failure rate isn't specific at the time as MS isn't releasing the numbers. I remember reading the failure rate for launch systems was high because of the hardware failure and exploding power supplies.

Either way I've yet to hear a damn thing from MS after sending my Elite to Texas for a pick me up. For that system to fail is uncalled for as I barely use the thing. And if the surrounding are such an issue I fail to understand how the PS3 on the same shelf as the Elite is fine with considering that it runs more often and it has the power supply internally.

Oh well. Good luck selling it, I'd personally drop the extra $20 bucks for an Elite with the HDMI port for true 1080P (DVD/HD-DVD) features.

Why not just stick the old 20GB back in and sell it for $300. I'm sure you'll have an easier job doing that. And hell the 120GB sells for $180 if I do remember right, sell it separately for $120 - $140. In the end you can come close to what you are asking.

07-23-07, 06:53 PM
I just read on the xbox website that they are extending the warranty and if you get the three red lights it is covered for three years from the purchase date and if you have already paid them to fix your console they will reimburse you.

07-23-07, 06:55 PM
yeah I'm not trying to sell anything in here but I do have an add in the classifides and I will probably list it on ebay. I am only selling it to buy another elite as my backup tv also has hdmi ports. I may wait though and get the halo 360 console.