: All kinds of noises

04-12-04, 08:41 AM
I'm getting a noise from the left side of the engine. Near all the belts. I'm pretty sure its not the Water pump, Belt, or Tensioner as those were replaced about 5,000 mi. ago. I don't think its the powerstearing as when I turn the wheel it doens't change and it will click on and off at times. I think it's the compressor. How much would it cost and how big of a pain in the butt would it be to change the compressor out?? Is there anyway that you know that I could trouble shoot this down further. Right now I'm just trying to go on a little common sence and my hearing. Thanks everyone.

I'm also gettting a P080 code as well as a bunch of others. I'll pull them and post them durring my lunch hour. I wonder if these could be part of it.


04-12-04, 09:47 AM
Ok when the "CHANGE TRANS FLUID" Light came on I pulled codes and saw

P052 - PCM Memory Reset
P080 - Fuel System Rich
P109 - Keep Alive Memory (KAM) Reset

I also got the

S011 - Front Left Damper Solenoid Valve Short to Groung/Open
P039 - Torque Converter Clutch (VCC) Engagement Problem

I have been getting. Could any of these codes be related to a noise under the hood? I threw the three codes on top once and I haven't seen them since. They seem to point to a disconnect in the power somewhere, well accept for the fuel one, but it must have been only a momentary thing. I haven't played with anything so unless someone else was playing with my car. I shouldn't have thrown codes. Thanks for the help again.. you guys rock


91 Eldo TC
04-12-04, 11:02 AM
I have a air/whining and clicking noise coming from the belt area too.The water pump pulley has paint in the threads of the water pump flange(prevents the pulley attaching bolts from fully seating)that causes a clicking noise.I think the other niose is coming from my altenator.The keep memory alive and memory reset usually show if you have jump started the car or disconnected the battery,but it's nothing to worry about if they don't come back.

91 Eldo TC
04-12-04, 11:41 AM
I can check a few of the other codes for you when you post the others.

04-12-04, 01:11 PM
those codes that I posted in my second post are all that I have. Now the only code that I'm getting is the P039 (typical) S011 (typical) and the newly added P080 (fuel Rich) if the problem is my alternator going out, would it come on and off. I'm thinking its the compressor because it will click on then click off. Does the alternator do that? And what could be causing a P080?? I've read up on the P080 on the forum and they all have other symptoms and codes. mine just throws the P080 without anything else. Very strange. Thanks for the help


91 Eldo TC
04-12-04, 04:41 PM
VCC code could be caused by a bad vcc solenoid,or transmission problems.
Rich fuel code 80
A rich fuel injection system can be caused by Leaking injector,Faulty pressure regulator,Restricted fuel return line or leaking purge valve,Purge solenoid, circuit or pcm.
I don't know what the S011 is from but most likely system restraint problem.
The compressor does make noises when the altenator is under heavy load.
I have diagnostic and testing procedures if you want them.

04-13-04, 07:58 AM
Thank you Eldo TC. I'd love to get those diagnostic steps. See the sound is pretty much constant now. When it first showed up a few days ago it was irratic and would click on and off. Now it is just on all the time. or its on all the time because whatever is making the noise is set to run when the car turns on. then kick out later and only come in when its needed, I don't know. Can I replace the compressor by myself? Or will I need to take that to a shop so they can refill the system? I'm sure I can easily replace the powersteering.
Or, out on a limb, Maybe its the left fan motor. that can't be too expensive to replace. Lets just hope I don't have to pull the radiator to replace it. LOL Thanks for the Help. you rock man.


1993 eldorado green1
04-13-04, 03:56 PM

Lawrence Posted A Reply To A Thread I Have On The Northstar Tech Page As To The Reason For That P080 Code And What It Means, I Will Explain But Let Me Say It Sounds Like Maybe You Have A Ground Wire Problem Because Of The Memory Loss Codes And The P080 Code,

Ok What That P080 Code Means Basically Is That The Computer Has Not Stored The Tps Sensor Ranges Yet, But Why? Did Something Happen Like A Disconected Battery For Awhile? Did You Unplug A Sensor For Something? Let Me Know, But The Way To Reset It Is To First Make Sure That Everythings Off And Enter Diagnostics, As Soon As They Start To Show You Codes Turn Off The Key, Then Turn The Key Back On Again And Enter Diagnostics And As Soon As You Get A Code Turn Off The Key, Turn The Key Back On Again And Enter Diagnostics And As Soon As You See A Code, Turn Off The Key, Then Start The Engine, Let It Idle Until It Reaches Atleast 80 Degrees And Then Let It Idle For No Less Than 5 Mins, Make Sure Everything Is Off, Heat, Radio, Wipers, Everything, Then After Running For 5 Mins Put The Car In Drive For 30 Seconds, Then Park Again For 30 Seconds, Turn On The Ac For 30 Seconds Then Off For 30 Seconds, Then Turn Off The Engine And Check Codes, P080 Should Say History Next To It, If It Doesnt Than You May Have Other Problems, Let Me Know How It Goes.

04-15-04, 01:34 PM
I never unpluged anything... now the P080 is gone but a P070 is here ... and I blew a fuze for a stut... could it be something shorting causing a momentary blip in the power? just a thought