: might buy a fleetwood

07-20-07, 12:01 PM
Hey whats up everyone?! I'm new to this site and I am thinking of getting a 94 fleetwood. The trans has about 12k on it and the engine/body have 116000. Are there any common problems I can look for? I know a pretty good amount about cars, but I know each car have there own little problems. I am looking to trade the guy my 94 mustang gt supercharged with plenty of other mods but with a trans that is on its way out. the caddy has had a recent paint job, a new rag top, tv/dvd in dash, subwoofers, 22" rims, and gold grill. I attached a couple pics of the car. What do you think this car would be worth? And would it make a good trade?

07-20-07, 05:49 PM
Check the waterpump for leaks around the weep hole. Check for exhaust leaks, especially at the manifolds. Check the rear end and for leaks around the pinion seal.

Make sure the tranny rebuild was done properly. Also, make sure there are no dash lights on and that the rear air suspension is working (if you still want it).

Depending where you are located, check for rust.

Lastly, get rid of those large wheels ;)

From what I have read/seen, it is worth around $2-5K depending on the condition of the body and interior.

07-20-07, 06:18 PM
Do it...Caddy>Mustang.

07-22-07, 11:35 PM
The 199x FLTWD have grease points on the front end that often get over looked during oil changes. This means premature wear on the ball joints and steering links. ...just something else to check.

Also, trunk auto-close latch.

Maybe ask when the last tuneup was done and by who. A full tuneup at the dealer or reputable garage will run over $1,200. on the LT1. If you can do it yourself, all the better.