: My Intro

07-20-07, 02:22 AM
Hello guys,

just joined the forum and hope I can be of some help or maybe you can help me. I own an 02 Cadillac DHS and I absolutely love it. Till the Torque converter had to be replaced and now the a'c is not working right and my right rear window is off its track. (I think) and last but not least, when it rains I get water in my trunk.

Other then that. my car is perfect.

So, what is the difference from the DHS and the DTS?

near were i live? lets have a beer and share caddi stories...lol


07-20-07, 03:19 AM
Greetings! Check out our Deville forum. DTS has standard bucket seats, 3D analog gauges, and sharper steering and handling among other things. Click on Search. :)

I have a friend in OKC. Passed through there in 2006.

07-20-07, 08:13 AM
:welcome: to the forums. You'll find more help with technical questions in the DeVille forums. :D

07-20-07, 09:07 AM
:welcome: Yeah that, we just like to fling the BS in here :bs:

07-20-07, 11:01 PM
Hello Santos and :welcome5: to the forum!!