: I Think I Threw a Rod

04-11-04, 08:46 PM
GOD FREAKIN DAMNIT--- I am on my way home late last night after getting a new tattoo and as I take off and hit about 2500-3000 rpm I hear a sort of low muffled rod bearing noise. Hmmmm... Don't panic, tomorrow I'll have a look see its probably just the 7 bucks of 87 octane I put in by mistake. maybe the idler pulley or A/C bearing?? Well today I have a noise like a fulll blown rod bearing but it sounds like its coming from the TOP of the motor towards the rear bank. I am thinking of draining the oil tomorrow and throwing in 7 qts of straight 30weight and driving to the nearest car lot and getting rid of this thing NOW!!!! I may weaken and have it towed to Caddy and let them rip my rectum for 200 buck labor to diagnose it first. Hell if its top end and under a grand to fix it okay. But if its full blown motor time- See ya,even if I could doctor it up. I don't need a paper weight in my driveway.

04-11-04, 11:11 PM
Don't doubt that there is a noise there in your engine...but...it is pretty unusual to have any sort of lower end problems with a Northstar. Unless it got run low on oil or something I would seriously doubt that it is a rod....

The first thing to do to determine how serious the problem is is to drain the oil and take the oil filter off. Inspect the oil for metallic particles and such. Cut the filter open with a large pipe cutter (so as to not make chips...) and roll out the filter paper inside and look for debris. If you did hurt a rod bearing or something major there will be all sorts of debris in the oil and the filter....if it is clean then there is another reason for the noise.

04-12-04, 07:53 AM
After listening to it I also doubt its a rod bearing but sounds like its something up top and towards the rear bank. That could be expensive too especially if its valve/head releated.. If a valve was not opening I would think the engine would backfire or run rough though. It actually runs the same as always. I am towing it to a local Caddy dealer this morning where I am sure it will sit all day and not even get touched.