: Would like help with research (71' Deville) and general assitance.

07-18-07, 01:16 AM
Hello. I recently (2 weeks ago) saw an add in the classifieds for a 1971 Cadillac Deville. I have dreamed of owning one since I was 12 and this one is near me and the price is reasonable ($1,500 US) though I plan to try and talk him down to $1,000. At the moment I am preparing a list of things to do when I see the car today (or tomorrow depending on your timezone :) ) However I am curious if anyone has experience with this model year specifically. I have looked for owners reports and etc and however have found nothing. The only "unique" information if found regarding the model year was a recall of the STEERING:LINKAGES:ARM:IDLER AND ATTACHMENT, a recall of the 71's issued in 73' by GM.

If anyone has extra information on the model year I would appreciate it. Though I am young and foolish for getting a vehicle so old and such a gas guzzler I still want it (especially cause of the red leather interior :thumbsup:)

Here are some photos of the car in question. From the pictures it actually looks quite nice for it's age. Both sides look incredibly smooth (no indication of repair), even though the pictures are small. I did notice the dent on the fron left and am curious if that would require panel replacement or if the panel could be removes and that simply buffed out, though I doubt it with a steel bodied car. The paint I am aware of too, however I intended to repaint it black. The tires are also a problem. If they are the orignial L78-15, I am rather impressed with their condition, considering 36 years have gone by, though I would replace those as well. I also noticed some brown stuff on the front two headlights though from the picture it appears to be leaves or some other type of outdoor stuff as opposed to rust. I am supremely excited by the car. The owner mentioned that he was the third owner that the car has 102,000 miles and that there was rust on the frame in the rear.


07-18-07, 08:48 PM

First, I commend you on your exquisite taste in cars! The 1971 model Cadillacs are really first-rate. I could not open your pictures as I don't have a g-mail account. I'm not sure what information you want, so here's what I can tell you. The 472ci V8 is designed to run on unleaded, so that's one worry out of your want, but it still uses the old-style distributor, which requires much maintanence. You might look into retrofitting a high-energy ignition system, which is easily done and will make the car start easier and improve fuel economy slightly.

The frame rust is troubling, so look very carefully. If it's more than just surface rust, pass on the car, as frame repair is very expensive. The body damage you refer to, if not too bad, can be repaired simply by straightening the existing panel. The quarter panel can be replaced if necessary, though it will require work and plenty of $$$$.

The original tires need to go. 215/75R15 or 225/75R15 size radials should make for good replacements. Coker tires also makes a replacement tire with a wider whitewall if that's what you want.

Good luck and let us know what happens.


07-20-07, 09:59 AM
Well I saw the vehicle and the entire thing, save the frame, is in great condition for its age. The frame great around the front and sides some rust, but nothing a little wire brushing and paint can't take care of. The rear however is looking a little bit like swiss cheese. I was terribly disheartened, especially since I drove the thing. The owner was quite honest about the car, which I appreciated. I'm so crushed because other than the frame the car looks amazing. I'm on my last try with it though. I'm going to ask the owner if he's ever had the frame damage appraised and if not, whether or not we could get it examined by a local shop. If it's too much $$$$ I'm just going to pass as I had intended put some money into it anyway but not in excess of $5,000.