: Nitrous Direct BEWARE!

07-17-07, 07:02 PM
Nitrous Direct BEWARE!

I would just like to tell you guys what happened when I ordered from nitrous direct:

I ordered a dual stage nitrous kit on May 29th 2007. I thought it was strange that no email was sent saying that my package was sent. The only thing I received was a payment conformation. About 2 weeks later I wondered where the kit was so I called to ask for a tracking number. Well, the first time I called I was told they would call me back that day, and tell me what was going on with my order.

Well I waited… and waited and no one ever called back.

I called 2 days later and I was told that they were shipping it that day. So again I waited for my package….


I sent at least 10 emails and received ZERO replies

A MONTH after I ordered I called again. This time I requested that they cancel my order and have the $904 refunded. The guy I talked to (Scott), quickly stated that they would cancel my order then hung up on me. Well about a week after that I noticed that the $904.00 WAS NOT refunded to my account. So I called again, and was again hung up on.

It has now been 6 weeks and I STILL do not have my nitrous kit and I do not have my $904


07-18-07, 07:26 AM
thanks for the heads up.
Nitrous Direct does not advertise here any longer.

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07-18-07, 08:05 AM
sounds like someone is going under :hide:

07-18-07, 08:12 AM
unfortunately having been in this situation before it looks like he's headed for chapter 11 which means that the smallest creditors will be dismissed first and unfortunately that is usually the customers

if you feel like braving the waters of bankruptcy litigation you can get your money back but it will cost you 10x that amount in legal fees

sorry it happened to you bud, its all too common in the car world seems like

07-18-07, 08:45 AM
Just dispute the charge if you paid with credit card to the credit card company