: 2000 Eldorado using oil???

little old lady
04-11-04, 04:16 PM
I recently bought a 2000 Eldorado with 19K miles. I felt secure because the oil life monitor said 80% oil life left. While on a short vacation, I decided to check the oil. To my dismay it appeared to be a quart low! I pulled into the next GM dealership. The service manager said there was nothing to be concerned about, but, for my peace of mind, I could add a quart. Is it common for a car with these few miles to be using oil? I am absolutely sick! Is my dream car a lemon?:confused:

04-11-04, 04:41 PM
Not a lemon; they have a thirst for oil. One quart per thousand miles is not unusual. And one quart low is not a problem for "normal" driving; the sump holds seven quarts.

Does your DIC have a "CHECK OIL LEVEL" message? I rely on that message rather than pulling the oil dipstick every time I gas up.


04-11-04, 11:20 PM
Relax, it is fine. Northstar engines, like most high performance engines, can use some oil. It is good for them as the only thing lubricating the upper rings and valve guides (you now have 32 of them) is oil that is eventually burned....

The harder you drive it the less oil it will use. Especially with the 2000 model engines the rings are often not even seated into the sides of the ring grooves if the engine has been babied around. It does not like to be babied. Occasional/frequent WOT accels to the redline upshift points are good for it to seat the rings, exercise the rings to keep the moving in the ring grooves and to keep the carbon cleaned out of the combustion chambers.

Lots of info on this if you use the search feature and type in "oil consumption" or "carbon rap" or "synthetic oil" or "oil life monitor" and things like that.

BTW...the oil life monitor indicates the life of the oil relative to the next change interval...nothing really to do with oil level. Was the oil level full before you started the trip and/or did you check the oil level when you bought it?? Possibly it was a bit low when you started out...??? Follow the oil life monitor for change intervals. There is a low oil level sensor in the oil pan that will warn you at startup if the oil level is getting low so there is little to no danger of hurting or damaging anything due to low oil levels. The sump holds 7 quarts so there is plenty of oil in the system.

04-12-04, 05:45 PM
19K! You got a dream car alright, not a lemon. Like everyone else is saying, oil consumption for this engine is a sympton of a gentle break-in and not a symptom of a lemon. Congratulations for having the initiative to check your own oil. I mean, I take it that your name fits you to a certain degree. No reason to get sick over this, maam. (By the way, you may see LOL on this forum and it means laughing out loud, and is not a reference to you.)

With respect to the oil life monitor, was the previous owner following the monitor and changing the oil when the light came on? If not, the light (computer) may not reflect when the oil should be changed. For exapmle, I bought my car with 26K miles and it also has the GM oil life monitor. Not knowing the history of the car, I changed the oil right away. About 1000 miles later, the "change oil" light came on. I realized the monitor works when you change the oil and reset the light at the same time. The system doesn't read the oil life, per se. It records the elapse of time and conditions like temperature that affect the quality of the oil since the light was last reset.

little old lady
04-15-04, 02:12 PM
I just wanted to thank all those who responded so quickly to my question. You really relieved my anxiety. The "honeymoon" may be over, but I'm still in love with my Cadillac, thanks to you.:)