: Timing chain tensioner tool

07-16-07, 09:59 AM
I am doing a head gasket on a 98 Deville (in the car) and I don't really want to pull the harmonic balancer and timing chain cover. I am considering making a tool to insert in between the chain to hold the tensioner tight while I pull off the heads. If I can make a tool to do this, do you think that it will be difficult to set the cams back to where they were before I took the heads off? I'm thinking that as long as I lock the flywheel and mark the cam sprockets, I should be able to reassemble and not have to mess with the timing. Give me some feedback.


07-16-07, 12:08 PM

Show us the tool when you build it. The tensioner is hard to get to with the heads on but if you can design something show us.

09-12-07, 08:04 AM
You were right. It is a lot easier to remove the timing chain cover. BTW, I used a torque multiplier to get the harmonic balancer bolt off. It worked great. Having the right tools is important.

P.S. I am doing the head gasket with the motor in the car. I just got both heads off. '98 Deville...........

09-12-07, 11:09 AM
Doing them in the car is possible. Several people have done it. It's just the hardest way to do it.