: Diagnostic codes

04-11-04, 07:32 AM
Some months ago I needed to have a look at the the OP codes from my STS ´96 (shown on the dashboard information panel). I think these are called OBD II codes !? I preveviously had a link to a site with a very good description of these, but that doesn´t seem to exist anymore (209.145. .... something). Is there anywhere else these codes are described in details ? And preferably also how to get the readouts unsing the OBD control panel buttons (the aircon buttons).

I also once found a reference to a GM bulletin describing what to do with a sodded ´95 - ´97 N* engine. I lost that too :-(

Please help,


04-11-04, 11:28 PM
With the key on simultaneously press and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons until the onboard diagnostics activates and the codes will be displayed. Post back for interpretation or check on the www.caddyinfo.com (http://www.caddyinfo.com) home page for the diagnostic codes.

What is a "sodded" Northstar engine...?? Not sure of any bulletins on that in specific....LOL

05-10-04, 04:34 AM

Thanks for the quick reply. I didn´t have any codes when I asked the question, since I had just cleared them. Now I´ve got a few ones:

P0325, B1983, and B1740. I have a feeling the first one has to do with some electrical stuff, battery problems, charging problems ?

This morning I got a warning right after starting the engine: No Charging :-( and after a few minutes the engine was 'humping away' and then finally stopped.

I still would very much like to find the list I was referring to above, since I occasionally gets some codes (most history, though). I had a search on the site you mention, but couldn´t find a list of all the OBD codes.