: Need a Fellow '76 Owner......

DopeStar 156
07-14-07, 10:53 PM
So.... Do these cars have a second dashboard? The area around the AC vents there seemed like there was a second dash that was (dear God I wanna kill the kid I bought this car from) tarred to another dash under it. :thepan: Is this supposed to be there or is it some sort of shitty dash cover? I grabbed that part and pulled it away and I found a tarry mess on the dash under it. Is this piece supposed to be there or do I need to spend an afternoon cleaning sticky black crap off my dash?

07-14-07, 11:17 PM
Sounds like a dash cover. The pad is one piece in its original form.

DopeStar 156
07-15-07, 01:33 AM
Crap..... that tar shit is everywhere too. This is gonna be quite an afternoon......