: Don't Wanna Give Up The Brougham

07-13-07, 11:14 PM
I love the way it drives, smooth as butter, even though it looks like #@&%. The inside is beautiful, full leather and power. I'm trying to make it look presentable on the outside.

Take a look at this link. Page 2 shows what I did so far. One spot on the frame is going to be tough to fix. I can doctor it to pass inspection but would like it repaired right. Boxing it with welded steel seems to be the answer. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Night Wolf
07-14-07, 01:13 AM

I give you credit for fixing that car.... being able to fix the rust.

The entire underbody of that car is full of rust... floor pans, frame, everything..... makes my Brougham look pretty much rust free.

I don't mean any of this in a bad way... but if you have any long term plans with this car, the only thing you could do, to do it right, would be a body-off rebuild, something like POR15 the frame.

Otherwise, the rust will always be there causing problems... putting patches on it is only slowing it down too, someone did it in the past, and now you gotta do it again.

That part of the frame, where it goes over the rear axle is the weak part of the frame on these cars, the frame rails go too high up and in a rear-end collison, the frame buckles there.... where your frame is rotted out is right where the hump goes stright up the body..... that is a really important part of the frame, even welding a patch on it, the integrity of the frame just isn't there, and in a rear-end accident, it would crumple.

When my parents gave me the Brougham to fix up.... before I even started anything, I checked the underbody of the car. It as origanally a FL car, for the first 9 years of its life, then we brought it to NY, had it undercoated, and it was used there.... there is some surface rust on things, but it is still good enough that I don't have to worry about... still rusty in places, but not the rotted kind of rust, floor pans and stuff are still clean.

I've been there with my '89 Oldsmobile... car was bought new in NY, I sold it with 135k miles, the enigne and tranny were in great shape, interior was clean, car had a new vo-tech paint job.... but the underbody was just really rusty, and rotted out.... the area where the engine cradle bolted to the chassis was rotted out.... had to let the car go.

Just saying its up to you..... $2,500 will get a rust free Brougham from Florida tho.... I am all for fixing up old cars, but personally, when it comes to rust, its not my thing... especially the cancer type rust.

07-14-07, 10:54 AM
Thanks Night Wolf. See my "Rusty Frame, Help!" thread.

07-19-07, 11:45 AM
Drive it as long as you can get an inspection sticker, then part it out.