: Looking for a Mechanical Engineer...

07-12-07, 07:16 PM
If anyone on this forum is interested, a job as a Senior Mechanical Engineer has opened up at my company. We are located in the Bay area in CA and the company is small but we have equipment world wide.

We have just lost our Senior Mech Engineeer because of some personal issues and are in need of a talented Engineer to fill his shoes on a critical system design project.

Official Job Description:
MeiVac is seeking an experienced mechanical engineer whose primary focus will be the design of complex, automated vacuum deposition tools used in the manufacture of disk drive thin film heads. The successful candidate will become an integral part of a multi-disciplined team that develops MeiVac's new products.

Education & Experience: BSME, advanced degrees preferred. 8+ years of mechanical engineering or related experience with complex vacuum deposition and/or etching tools. Demonstrated success working in an entrepreneurial environment as a key part of a multi-functional development team.

Take a look at our web site www.meivac.com (http://www.meivac.com/) if you are curious to what we do.

Thanks for taking a look and if you interested either reply to this post or PM me.

07-13-07, 11:57 AM
Have any security positions available? :)