: new Vinyl

07-11-07, 09:08 AM
Hi there...

I'm living in Germany and just bought a 1973 coupe deVille.

What I need right now is some help in finding a new vinyl top because the old one's no good anymore. It is hard to find offers here.

Can anyone of you help me out please?

Greetings from rainy north of Germany :bigroll:

07-11-07, 10:37 PM
Hallo von Kanada!

I'm sorry I don't have any sources, but Hemmings Motor News should have a few listings. I'll tell you one thing though... there are many differences to consider (texture, thickness, etc.). Be real careful when ordering. Lots of people think they know what top you need but don't.

When I restored my 68 back in 2001, my old vinyl top was off and discarded. Local specialist who had done many tops back in the 70s was quick to say yeah yeah I know what you need and ordered the standard GM top. But the texture is a lot different than the painted metal trim piece (between back window and trunk) I acquired later.

I don't ever come across original 68s but I suspect my top is wrong and he sold me a standard GM top instead of a Caddy one. Next restoration I'll get it done right... but that's a long time from now cuz after 6 years it's still perfect.

So be sure you talk to someone who knows your car and email a picture or sample of your old one!


07-12-07, 04:34 AM
I can get you a vynil top address in Holland if you are willing to ride the trip. Is a nice trip for the summer though. Where are you in the north? I am in Hamburg.
I still need to get my top done for my 70 Eldorado.

Let me know.