: 2007 SRX - Care of interior leather

07-10-07, 02:17 PM
To all,

I have a 2007 SRX with a black leather interior. The owner's manual states that I should not use leather conditioner or leather cleaning products on it, only mild soap and water. I live in Phoenix, AZ and I have always used leather conditioner type products on my previous vehicles to keep the leather soft and in good condition. With the heat and dryness inherent to my geographic location, I cannot imagine letting the leather go without treating is with sometype of conditioning compound.

My wife and I love this vehicle and want to keep for a long time. Does anyone have any recommendations relating to leather care?



07-10-07, 05:01 PM
Your first mistake was reading the manual. Every vehicle that I have owned with leather said the same thing. I use Leatherique, it has an excellent following on other forums. Made the light surface cracking on my 944 Turbo leather seats dissapear. It really is amazing stuff. Mail order only, site is leatherique.com.

Don't waste your time with the Lexol two step products, or any of the "all in one" cleaner/conditioners. Just buy the Leatherique and you're done. Mine just came in today for my new (to me) SRX. I feel the same as you do, I want to keep this car nice, and for a long time.

07-10-07, 08:52 PM
Thanks for the great tip with leatherique. I have been using Meguiars leather conditioner for my Lincoln Mark VIII, but I still got cracks in the leather over time. I will certainly give it a try.

07-11-07, 06:07 PM
The only reason I knock the other products is because I have tried them all. I despise mail order, and like just stopping by the local auto parts store to pick stuff up. Leatherique is worth the trouble though. This time I just bought bigger bottles, so it would last longer. Make sure you get the cleaner and conditioner combo, it's a bit cheaper.

07-11-07, 10:50 PM
So if I am understanding you correctly, you purchase the "rejuvinator oil" and "prestine clean" combo kit. Is this correct? I checked out the website and the product certainly looks like a superior product, the type of product I would typically use. I also checked all the car clubs that are supporting this product........very impressive. I am definately going to order a bottle and thank you very much for your help.

How about the rest of you guys?? Any experiences with Leatherique or other products?? As much as I appreciate the comments by "onewhippedpuppy", I was hoping others would comment as well.



07-12-07, 07:38 AM
That's the stuff. My only knock on it, in order for it to be effective, you have to let the first step sit in the sun for a while. I gave my 944 Turbo 24 hours, will probably do the same with the SRX.

Over the years I've been involved with BMW, Porsche, Saab, and Audi communities, and each one has raved about the product. It's just the best money can buy.

07-12-07, 09:12 AM
I did a search on what to use on the Eagle Ottawa leather in the SRX. Seems like a product called Tanner's Preserve came up often in the searches. One source even said it was an Eagle Ottawa product but I couldn't verify that.
The only experience is I use Lexol on the Envoy's leather seats and it seems to be working ok but the SRX's leather has a different texture. Maybe leatherique is the answer to both.

07-12-07, 10:33 AM
Dear onewhippedpuppy or others

Just for clarification, my SRX is new, so I am looking for something to maintain leather that is already in good shape. Is leatherique still the right product........or is leatherique more for restoring?

I called up the local Cadillac Service Department and talked with my service advisor and he told me to use a "neutral colored Saddle Soap" for maintaining the condition of the leather and said that is what their detailing shop uses. I have never used this, but that is what this guy told me.



07-12-07, 11:38 AM
Leatherique is for maintenance or restoration. Obviously if it's too far gone, no oil is going to help. I bought it more for maintenance than anything, as my '04 has only very light surface marking. This weekend's treatment should bring it back to like new condition. Hopefully it will bring back some of that smell too.:) If it's already nice, Leatherique will keep it nice.

I've heard saddle soap before, but can't comment as I've never tried. "Neutral colored" is a bit scary, why does it have color in it?

N7, I haven't used the Eagle product, but I can tell you that Leatherique is 1000x better than Lexol. I have mostly full bottles of Lexol products on the shelf in my garage, and that is where it will stay. On the other hand, Vinylex by Lexol is an excellent product for vinyl and rubber.

07-13-07, 04:35 PM
I use zaino's leather conditioner, it works great, and produces a great leather smell (if your into that).

I would recommend what these guys recommend tho, and always condition leather, as it is a skin product, and moisturization always results in a lesser chance of cracking or unsightly wrinkles, and also takes out scraps if you wear any jeans with buttons on the rear pockets (or your wife).

Be careful of the application to the zones covering the seatheat areas that have little preferations in them back and front. Apply product to the smooth leather and then wipe these areas.

oh btw,
to those who read this, never use armor-all on any vinyl or leather surfaces that you wish to remain in good condition. Armor-all destroys vinyl by keeping it in a moist state and reacting with the polyvinyls. If you ever let the armor-all dry (by just forgetting to detail your car) your dash has a greater chance of cracking because of it when it drys. The product suggest you always keep renewing the application as much as possible. A clean wipe goes along way to make your dash look nice.

07-14-07, 12:25 PM

I sent an email to leatherique and the reply I got back was very informative and impressive. Also, leatherique got good reviews on the autogeek.com, along with some other products. I also comtacted a repair shop owner that I trust and he says Lexol sucks, but had no knowledge of leatherique. He says he only uses ECOLAB products for leather.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the "summer special".........leatherique cleaner and rejuvinator oil. Will use and let you know what I think.

By the way, I use "303 Aerospace Protectant" on the vinyl and rubber and "Ibiz car wax" on the exterior. Any comment on those?



07-14-07, 02:07 PM
I did a search on what to use on the Eagle Ottawa leather in the SRX. Seems like a product called Tanner's Preserve came up often in the searches. One source even said it was an Eagle Ottawa product but I couldn't verify that.I have a bottle of Tanner's Preserve Leather Cleaner and another of Tanner's Preserve Leather Conditioning Cream. They both prominently display the Eagle Ottawa emblem on their front labels and carry a written endorsement from Eagle Ottawa's president on the back labels. I can't comment on how they work because the car that I bought them for has been in storage for the past two years. I'll probably pull it out next year and will be sure to post again on how these two products work. :thumbsup:

One additional caveat. The label on the conditioning cream says that it SHOULD NOT be used on steering wheels. Makes me wonder about all of the other products on the market...

07-14-07, 08:04 PM
One additional caveat. The label on the conditioning cream says that it SHOULD NOT be used on steering wheels. Makes me wonder about all of the other products on the market...

Wonder if the warning is because it makes the surface slippery? Seems like I've seen similar warnings on Armorall and similar products and their use on floor mats.

07-15-07, 06:39 PM
When you say that they carry the Eagle Ottawa emblem, are you saying that it is a Eagle Ottawa product, or just that Eagle Ottawa just endorses them? I have already ordered the leatherique, but I just sent an email to Eagle Ottawa asking them to recommend a conditioner/cleaner for their leather. I also sent an email to ECOLAB asking for info about their product. My buddy that gave me the ECOLAB recommendation owns a large repair shop and is one of the most trusted guys in the auto industry I know, so there must be something there.

07-15-07, 08:53 PM
When you say that they carry the Eagle Ottawa emblem, are you saying that it is a Eagle Ottawa product, or just that Eagle Ottawa just endorses them?By the way that it is labeled it would appear to be an Eagle Ottawa product. But the front label also says "recommended by Eagle Ottawa..." On the back it says Made in USA, and in small printing that it is distributed by First Brands Corp.

In reality, like almost every other product out there, I would doubt that it is actually made by whose name is on the label. I know that many (if not most) of the GM products are made by outside suppliers in accordance with GM specifications, and then labeled as Genuine GM products. For example the DEXCool used as factory fill and in the dealerships, while labeled as GM, is produced by Texaco Havoline, same goes for the Dexron VI that is produced by Petro-Canada. I think that the recent pet food problems, where dozens of various brand label foods turned out to have been all produced by the same company, further reinforces the existence of this practice.

I had a devil of a time buying the Tanner's Preserve product, and did so because it was the only thing that the leather supplier endorsed. I'm sure that there are many, many other fine quality products available. I know that I have at least two leather products carrying the GM label. As well my father uses a Mercedes-Benz product called lederpflegemittel on his Eagle Ottawa leather interior...

07-15-07, 09:59 PM
The Tanner's Supply product can be purchased on the following website link: http://www.midwayautosupply.com/pc-30119-77-tanners-preserve-tanners-preserve-leather-care-combo-pack-6586465893.aspx. It is less expensive at this site than on Amazon.com. I have used both the cleaner and the conditioning cream and they are an improvement over the Lexol products.

07-16-07, 07:54 AM
I can at least add that I used Leatherique on the SRX this weekend, and it made a noticable difference in my 2004. The leather was already quite good, but it is a bit softer now. Probably 50% of the spiderwebbing in the driver's seat is now gone, I think a second application will take care of it all.

Other products that I like are Vinylex for vinyl, plastic, and rubber. It has a sheen instead of a greasy shine, and actually protects your materials instead of destroying them like Armor All.

Also, P21S wax and paint cleaner sold at the Harley store. This stuff is the same as S100 wax, except S100 is about 3x more expensive. The P21S wax and paint cleaner are about $15 each, and are by far the easiest wax products I have ever used. Next weekend the SRX will get the full exterior treatment of clay bar, paint cleaner, and wax, then the silver should really pop.

07-16-07, 10:13 AM
Thanks everyone for all the info.

"onewhippedpuppy"..........does you know if the your 2004 SRX uses the same Eagle Ottawa leather as the 2007 SRX?



07-16-07, 07:38 PM
I have absolutely no clue. Is it in the manual?

07-17-07, 12:24 AM
One Word - ZAINO!!!!!!!


Sal produces the finest products ever....

07-17-07, 07:28 AM
Does Zaino make leather care products? I've heard nothing but great comments regarding their polishes and waxes.

07-17-07, 08:23 AM
Yup... A Cleaner AND Leather in a Bottle - hit the site I entered above... they have info on each and every product... line has grown to an amazing amount (3 different choices for Polish now etc)

07-20-07, 10:23 PM
Hey onewhippedpuppy,

I just got my leatherique products in the mail, the rejuvinating oil and the prestine cleaner. It came with directions, but since you have already used, do you have any tips on how best to apply?



07-21-07, 09:00 PM

I used the leatherique today on my Lincoln and Caddy and this stuff is absolutely the best. Onewhippedpuppy is right...........this is by far the best interior conditioner in the marketplace. The rejuvinator is great for the first pass on the leather, you let the vehicle sit for a while and let the rejuvinator moisten the leather and push the dirt to the top and then you use the cleaner to clean off any excess and do the vinyl while you are at it. I have the eboney interior on the SRX and both the vinyl and leather absolutely look better now than new!!


07-23-07, 07:33 AM
Jeff, I'm glad you like it. Sorry I missed your application question. The first time I put on the oil, I used my hands (wearing gloves), as it describes in the instructions. Works well, but a bit messy. Most recently on the SRX, I put the oil in a cup, and applied it with a foam brush. It worked just as well, but wasn't as messy or wasteful. After covering a seat, I would then work in the oil with my hands. The cleaner works really well if you can put it in a spray bottle, then mist it onto the seats before wiping to remove the oil.

You should be in great shape, since you don't have any restoration to do. Keep it up, and your leather will still look new 100k from now.

07-23-07, 11:28 AM

What I did was I put both the rejuvinator and cleaner into two separate spray bottles. I sprayed the rejivnator on the seat, doors and dash and then rubbed it in with a sea sponge. I did one section at a time. I rubbed the rejuvinator on the vinyl as well as the leather, really gave it a deep look!! I let it sit all day in the garage (I live in Phoenix, so it is over 110 degrees in the closed garage), then I sprayed the conditioner over each section and one at time, wiped them down with a lint free dry cloth.

The vinyl and the leather came out perfect!!.....better than brand new!! My SRX is only 6 months old, but the interior looks better now than it ever did. I also printed out the 15 page informational booklet on the history of leather (from their website) and how it is made. Very interesting!! Also gives a much better understanding on how to care for leather.

Anyway, I certainly appreciate your help. I am a mechanical engineer, so I am very analytical about researching these types of things. I believe I am using the best product on the market and want to thank you for guiding me in the right direction!!


07-23-07, 12:00 PM
Sounds like you took a good approach. I'm an aerospace engineer, so I also like to over-research everything. From my ownership of German cars, I've spent a lot of time on Porsche, Audi, and BMW BBSs. Of all the feedback I read, Leatherique was by far the product of choice. Considering that many of the cars are pretty expensive, and sometimes rare, I figured it would be good enough for my purposes.

07-25-07, 01:08 PM
I've personally always had good experiences with Meguiar's Leather cleaner/conditioner wipes. It has a pleasant smell and doesn't leave a greasy slippery feel.

07-26-07, 07:47 AM
My friend, you don't know what you are missing. I started with Meguiars one-step products, which were ok. Switched to Lexol 2-step, which was noticably better. Went to Leatherique, by far the best.

You don't realize how inferior the one step products are, until you start using something really good.

07-28-07, 02:12 PM
Not to muddy the waters, but...
The limited reading I have done on leather said that there are very few cars available today that actually have aniline or semi aniline dyed leather.
Most of the surface that we see when we look at leather is painted on color, not dyed..
I know that Lexus has a semi aniline dyed leather, as does Cadillac on their optional STS interior.

08-06-07, 07:59 AM
Regarding the leather, I have read similar things. That's why it is reasonably easy to refinish modern seats with water based leather "dye", in many cases it is similar to OEM.

08-07-07, 09:14 AM
I just want to thank Onewhippedpuppy for your recommendation of leatherique. I used it over the weekend and my interior looks better than new. That stuff is amazing!!! To think I was using wipes before. Thanks Again!!!!

08-07-07, 11:15 AM
Not a problem, glad you hear you are happy.:)

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but for quick cleaning, the Leatherique cleaner on a rag does a great job for wiping down the seats. You don't have to do the full process every time. These guys should give me a commission.:D

George Ware
10-25-08, 12:17 AM
I use Zaino's Leather Soft Cleaner Z9 & Leather In A Bottle Treatment/Conditioner Z10.

George Ware

11-10-08, 10:40 AM
How much Leatherique Oil should we apply? The bottle's still pretty full after our 1st application... didn't want to get stains on our pants!

09-14-09, 06:28 AM
just treated my seats with leatherique rejuvinator oil and pristine clean, the result is great. I can highly recommend leatherique!