: Quiet Riding Tires ???

07-10-07, 07:51 AM
I really do not drive over 80 MPH and my goal is for the "quietest" or smoothest riding tire. We live in south Florida and so snow is never an issue. We have the 07 SRX sport and Michelin Pilots are onboard. The road noise is tolerable, but we like quiet....period.....does anyone know the ideal tire for this issue ????............NVH fanatic, Lee Clapp

Smokin' SRX
07-10-07, 08:51 AM
Don't know "ideal" but I went Dunlap Symmetry 5000, all around (used larger rear size!) and also went "H" rating (approx. 130 MPH instead of 149 MPH rating from factory!) Gave a softer, quieter ride by 10-15%. wanted more but worried about handling. No issues here with the "H". And I USE the Mag Ride handling!! A lot!!

You may want a even lower rating ( I think "T" is rated at 115MPH) and will give an even softer ride but handling may suffer slightly at 60+ MPH?

I saved a bundle over the Michelins , that came OEM!!

AVOID anything w/ the "XL" load rating! "XL" , extra load , has a stiffer sidewall/carcuss and will hurt ride!

Good luck!

07-10-07, 09:47 AM
thank you, that is the kind of info that i needed---lee

07-10-07, 02:46 PM

If you have an Ultraview roof, they are noisier than the SRXs without.
The harder surface of the shade allows the road noise too bounce off, rather than be absorbed, and that noise will head straight for your head.
I am very tall and was surprised how much louder the noise above me was in the Ultraview '07 vs. my base '04.

A couple of things you can do is lay a blanket down in the cargo area, or the car cover if you have one. Significant road noise reduction. Kind of like how much quieter it is with the back seat up vs. laying down.

You could also have LineX or an undercoating/tar sprayed in the wheelwells.

I changed my RSAs out to Conintental Cross Contacts. They aren't any quieter but they aren't any louder. The roll smooth and pretty quiet at 85-90 mph.