View Full Version : Etched Letters & Numbers on Lower Rear Window?

c5 rv
07-09-07, 05:40 PM
What is the meaning, if any, of the letters and numbers etched in the lower right corner of the liftgate glass? Mine say:

EC 2057270

(and in smaller print below, what looks like an 800 number that doesn't show up in an online 800 list:)

800 521 2774

The numbers don't match any part of the VIN.

I noticed this some time ago, but never got around to asking.

07-09-07, 09:05 PM
Did you buy this SRX new? Sounds like it was a "program" car (formerly a rental) and that company had it etched for either theft protection or inventory control.

07-09-07, 09:16 PM
If you google "800 521 2774" using " you'll get a couple hits. One shows APCO Services Limited however no idea what this is. Since it's toll free try calling it.

c5 rv
07-10-07, 09:23 AM
I did a search on the 800 ... number with no spaces or special characters and it came up in a F-150 forum with someone asking about window tinting. It also had an EC number. So it probably has something to do with the supplier that made the tinted glass.

07-17-07, 03:11 AM
Sorry for late answer,an i apologise in advance my german school english.
here in the european region the EC number means that the part with that number comply the conditions of the regular technical standards of the Eurpean Company.
If you have a glass with this number you can use it w/o any tests in eorope.
The 0800 .... number is a toll free phone number in europe (of the company i think)

c5 rv
07-17-07, 06:38 PM
Thank you - and welcome to the forum.