: 85 Fleetwood Alarm?

07-08-07, 05:47 PM
I posted this before in the electronics section, but I got no info:banghead:

Im resto-moding an 85 fleetwood.:banghead: :banghead: I want to install an alarm, but I was told there are no plugh and play systems out there for this caddy, and in order to install an alarm I would have to splice directly into the wireing. Im not an electrical engineer so I dont really want to hack up the wireing and ruin something. Does any one know if there is a plug and play sytem out there. Any knowledge on this subject would be helpfull.

07-08-07, 07:22 PM
There's really no plug and play alarm for ANY car, as they all require some electrical and wiring knowledge, and need to be made to work with the particular car. Hence, why most are done by professionals.

That said, in this regard, an '85 Fleetwood, or whatever, is no different than any other typical custom alarm install and should be able to be done by someone who knows their stuff. One feature that probably isn't possible is remote start, simply because of your antique carb setup, but if that's not an issue, no biggie.

So, just based on what you've said, if you're not reasonably well schooled on electronics and especially vehicle wiring, I really wouldn't even be wanting to try it--particularly since there really is no such thing as a plug and play aftermarket system for a car.

07-08-07, 10:53 PM
No its DBI, which is just like EFI. Two fuel injectors in a carb like throttle body, but no carburator.

07-09-07, 07:21 PM
its true, there's a certain amount of wiring for any alarm installation... if you go to a reputable shop that knows what they're doing, it shouldn't be a problem. i was thinking about getting an alarm installed on my '85 too. took it over to a shop a while ago and they said they would have it done overnight. there are shops out there that know how to install alarms right! are you doing it yourself or having it installed?

07-11-07, 12:03 AM
I would prefer to do it myself ( i get a certian gratifacation out of doing the mods myself ), but like I said this is one that I fear I may **** something up. Even my buddy who is a Navy Avionics tech was like "man im not sure if I could do the install". Worse come to worse I guess I'll take it over to one of the shops in my area.