: Ed Morse Tampa- Great!!!

07-08-07, 04:34 PM
I bought my used CTS from Jay Sage at Ed Morse of Tampa and I couldn't be more pleased. I got a great deal and they were very professional! I'd recommend them to anyone in central Florida that is looking for a Cadillac and a great dealership. Ask for Jay, he's the man!:)

08-20-07, 08:01 AM
I guess their service must have improved a bit since I got the last sales person fired??!? If you're thinking about buying from them, be sure the car you're looking has actually had the Certified inspection like they say it has. My car was back at the dealership 2 days after I got it with a list of about 20 items to fix. All of which were marked "satisfactory" on the certified inspection sheet they gave me. Personally, everytime I went in there I felt like they were just blowing smoke up my ass. I did get a pretty good deal though, and their servise dept loans out new Caddys!

08-29-07, 05:43 PM
They must have seriously improved since the times I was there.

I bought my sled from them... they had to do some touch up paint on the rear bumper and trunk... it looked like they did it with spray paint. Seriously, I could have done better in my parking lot with a stiff wind blowing. I took it back and actually told me it was fine and I was being picky. I can put my finger nail in the groves of the paint. They put some filler on the trunk lid that showed through. When I picked my car up from the body shop, my car had a fast food bag in it and 30 miles put on the odometer.

I canceled my appointments for everything else I was going to have done there.

Also, I traded in my 02 Escalade for my car, I saw it go out to a customer as a certified vehicle early the next morning after I dropped mine off at close the night before. I guess they are just quick like that.?.

03-12-08, 09:21 PM
wow hitmoney thats shocking from ed morse. but it depends on your service advisor. mine's name is carlos. i forget his last name but he has always been AMAZING every little detail i mention is treated like it's there utmost priority.Witch is somthing i notice (being 20 and looking younger i am used to being treated like a dumb kid).Then again there are a couple other service advisor's who used to be there that are....umm "under par" but everytime i have ever had service there theve' been amazing