View Full Version : 93 Eldo cuts out on accel and shorts in Radio

04-09-04, 07:30 PM
I have a 93 eldo, recently I had the oil pan replaced as it was leaking (Don't ever go to Goodyear they suck). After several attemps I finally got my car back with no leaks but now it run like a dog.

When I accelerate the engine momentarily cuts out and I get a static popping sound in my radio, my clock goes back to zero and all of the lights on the dash blink.

I took it back and they replaced my spark plugs and my wires. Still does it but not as bad. Took it back again and they replaced a coil, ran better for a little while now its doing it again.

Could it be another coil gone bad? or do I need to get this thing to an automotive electrical store and have them find the short?

Any one else ever have this problem? One mechanic told me I need to replace all of fuel injectors ( I left that store quick) not sure how a fuel injector could cause a short but what do I know I am not a mechanic.

Any suggestions?

04-10-04, 06:08 PM
hey its a little late now but dont ever take your car anywhere but a trained caddy mech. at a caddyshop most mech cant work on regular cars let alone a caddy, it sounds like the damaged a wire harness.

you mght think its cheaper to take your car to a goodyear but in the long run you will pay more and they will use the cheapest parts available to them not GM Caddy parts.:coolgleam