: Northstar Intake Cover

Allante North *
05-04-03, 09:07 PM
Does anyone know if Intake covers interchange from year to year. Also, what are they made of. I have thought that they would look good if they could be chrome plated. I have seen some dress up kits for Northstars, but have a relative that can get pieces done at a reasonable cost if it would work. I thought I might buy a spare and try it, while I keep the original.

Also are Throttle Bodys interchangeable from year to year. I would like to get the 80 mm TB, but also keep the original. I think I can pick up one fairly cheap and either send it to RSM Racing or maybe have the work done at a local shop.

Thanks for any help.


05-04-03, 09:41 PM
I dont know for sure, but i think they are all the same until 2000, when they redid it. TBs should be interchangeable also.

05-04-03, 10:53 PM
the covers are made of ABS plastic with a foam baking... the motor actually looks really nice without the cover. and it runs a little cooler... thats why i took mine off.

05-04-03, 11:29 PM
Originally posted by elwesso
I dont know for sure, but i think they are all the same until 2000, when they redid it. TBs should be interchangeable also.

Not necessarily true....Look before you buy. Particularly when it comes to TB's Little changes make a big difference! Are 49 state models the same as California models? If you're buying it on E-Bay or something like that, You'll need to know the answers. You'll need to make sure that your year/model is compatible with the part you're looking at.....Just 'cause it looks the same on the outside, Doesn't mean it's the same on the inside! I deal with these same issues all day long at the shop! Guys think that just because it looks the same it'll fit and they get all worked up when I have to tell them that it won't.....Usually it's something they got a "Great deal on" on E-Bay.

05-05-03, 07:45 AM
As I recall, the early NS TB's are different from the later ones. I'm not sure of the year they changed them but the early ones had a ISC and later ones used an IAC.

05-09-03, 04:45 PM
The intake cover on your 1993 Northstar is different from the ones on later models. I think they changed in 1995. The intake cover on the early Northstars was a functional part of the intake and had multiple bolts around the perimeter. I think they are made of a magnesium alloy. The later covers are made of plastic and are a cosmetic cover. They are not interchageable.

Allante North *
05-10-03, 01:16 AM
Thanks Dutch,

I noticed the difference on some Eldorados on Ebay. I think you are correct in the change in 1995. Do you know what the function was with the pre 1995 Intake covers, or if it would hurt performance to remove it? I am interested in picking up a spare to see if it could be chromed. I have seen some on the MechTech website and they look pretty good.

I checked with my local dealer on differences in TB's. The 1993 Allante with the Northstar had a TB that was used only one year and is discontinued. I did a part search on Lamberts website and got a response that they have one @ $142.57. I would like to find one used to convert and keep my original. RSM wants the core or a healthy deposit. I am just fishing for performance mods to lower ET's without breaking the bank or tearing into a perfectly good engine.

If anyone has any suggestions that might help, feel free to chime in anytime. These Northstars have some good power, but like the Toolman says " I want more power".

Thanks for the input.


05-10-03, 07:31 AM
On the early Northstars the car will not run with the intake cover off. Do not try to start the car with the cover off. It is a functional part of the intake and even a loose bolt causes a vacuum leak. The plastic covers are not functional. They can be removed but there will not be any improvement in performance. On the early Northstars the intake is removed by removing the 4 center bolts. The entire unit can be tipped up from the passenger side of the engine. This is where the starter and phenolic spacers are located. The fuel pressure regulator and the injectors are under the functional intake cover. The fuel pressure regulator does not have a vacuum hose like the later models because it is exposed to vacuum inside the sealed intake.

06-25-03, 07:33 PM
Your Tb is not going to be a big HP gainer.. Well unless you drop a line into it with Nos running through it.

Get a cam and heads for a 75-100 extra ponies.

If you want more go with a full rebuild with a turbo strapped on.

Iím in cali so a Turbo is a no go. NOS with a head and cam is the best way for the emission caddy.


06-28-03, 09:50 AM
Who has ever put a turbo on a stock caddy? I don't know anyone making the stuff that would allow it to fit in such a cramped area nor anyone doing the computer work for it...