: Wide Tires

07-03-07, 11:59 PM
Does anyone know off the top of their head what the widest tire I can stuff under the rear of a 77 sedan deville is?

07-04-07, 08:43 AM
Likely a 275, but I don't have personal experience.

07-04-07, 11:45 AM
Discount Tire and Tire Rack can tell you.

Highway Star
07-04-07, 06:26 PM
There's approx 12" clearance from the chassis/frame to the inside wheel lip. Personally, I wouldn't put anything over 10" wide back there (235/245??), but I'm a little old fashioned when it comes to tires/wheels on these cars (77-79).

07-04-07, 08:47 PM
Awesome, thanks guys.