: Camera with factory Nav

07-03-07, 07:47 PM
Has anyone tried adding a rear camera to the factory navigation system yet? Are there any inputs for this? Or for that matter, how about an auxilary input for Ipod, etc..?


07-04-07, 08:52 AM
I am adding both an ipod adapter and auxilary input (audio only) to my SRX. The unit is a USASPEC Pa11-VETTE iPod and RCA interface. It works on new Vettes and SRX with XM Radio. I'm not sure what year's SRX are covered, but I know it works with 2005.

It plugs in between the XM and the Radio, and allows:
- Ipod control using the XM-1 on the Radio/Nav (P1-P5 are for playlists, and P6 is for normal iPod Play). You can use the touch screen and steering wheel controls to control the ipod. Shuffle, random play, and other iPod functions are controlled through the touch screen.
- It also charges the ipod, when connected, and automatically stops charging after 1 hour.
- It includes a seperate RCA interface (which uses CD6 - Track 1?) for connecting another device, like back seat Video, mp3 player, etc. I will probably use this to hook an aftermarket backseat DVD system to the factory radio.

I'm still trying to figure how I'm going to run the wires and where I'll mount the I-Pod and RCA cables (probably in the center console), but I should have it in over the next few weeks. I'll let everyone know how it goes, plus try to take pictures fo the install.

To answer your first part of your question, I haven't seen where there is an auxiliary video input in the SRX service manuals (but they are also very hard to read). If not, there's should be a way to patch into the NAV/MAP input when the car is in reverse. Let us know if you discover an adapter for this.