View Full Version : Need direction on parts for '71 Cadillac

07-03-07, 04:32 PM
I have some minor tweaking to do on my two door '71. Things like arm rests, a windshield washer sensor that is out, radio that isn't working well and so on.
I'm not sure where to look for parts such as these.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

07-04-07, 08:33 AM
For my 1988, I spent a lot of time searching on E-Bay. I was shocked at how many good parts there are on E-Bay for little money.

For the parts that are way too expensive, use aftermarket stuff. I've used www.rockauto.com a lot in the last year.

Good luck,

07-05-07, 10:37 PM
Hemmings also has many vendors that cater to older Cadillacs.

07-06-07, 01:00 PM
try www.hemmingsmotornews.com or pick up a copy at any large bookstore. Quite an addictive magazine!