: Harmonic Balancer. Dangerous?

Rob Benham
07-02-07, 11:22 AM
I just mentioned this on another thread, but I wondered what the experts think of this.

"The harmonic pulley on the crank became delaminated as well. That would've been tedious on a long run, so look at the strip of rubber between the inner and outer castings and make sure that the outer [grooved] part is running true. If its wobbling, change it, $67 after market. Take care, I got a Doorman part and the hole in the middle was too big by .5mm This is really dangerous in my opinion. They have not answered my e-mail on the subject yet."

Half a mil does not sound much, but the pulley, far from needing a tool to put on, was so lose that you could rock the outer edge 1/4" or so. This meant that not only were the bolts doing the work, but that it was unlikely that the pulley would be centered.

The part was a Doorman Harmonic Balancer 594-017.

The old one took a puller to get off. The next part was a Pioneer, and even that wasn't tight, but didn't rock. There was some mention of GM changing cranks in the middle of a production run sometimes!! Can this be true. Mine is the 5.7 1995 FWB If this were true, it could mean that Doorman has the specs for a different engine/crank, but that wouldn't account for the Pioneer's different fit.

07-02-07, 02:00 PM
Well this is the northstar forum, but that does sound dangerous. Maybe you just got a misboxed part... I've had that happen a few times.

07-07-07, 10:38 PM
If you are working on a LT engine give ATI a call they have superdmapers that are the best in the buisness.
They can also be sourced from Summit too.