: 02 Seville STS

07-01-07, 10:56 AM
Just bought this yesterday. 33000 miles, mint condition. I bought it in another state, so I got to put about 200 miles on it and it ran great, no vibrations, noises or other problems.
I like the feel of this car on the road, it handled nice and I enjoyed the power it displayed.
I just joined here to learn more about the Seville.
I also own a 1998 Deville with 60000 miles, another fine car for its age.

07-02-07, 02:27 AM
Ceos, Best of Luck with your new wheels, I have owned my older one for many years and love it, even more than my newer one. What I like best is the size and the ride. The interior is also more Cadillac than the newer one, I believe this is possibly why the STS is no longer a sales leader for Cadillac.

Some Advise: Use the best gas you can buy, it will give you the best mileage and create less engine carbon build up. Run it hard, when on the highway open it up, this keeps everything working. And finally, keep the cooling system maintained, this is the only way to avoid one of the Northstar's biggest problems the headgaskets.:thumbsup:

Highline Cady
07-03-07, 02:14 AM
Paul speaks the truth. Sounds silly but wide open throttle bursts are not only good for the N* but a must. And flush the coolant system regularly. It does not last 100,000 miles. I do it every 2 years. Otherwise your chances of head gasket failures are almost a sure thing. If you maintain the coolant system regulary chances are you'll be fine. Enjoy your Cadies.

07-03-07, 09:38 PM
:bouncy: Surf the threads here and find the "RPO" (production option) codes section, then look at the sticker under the spare tire cover and write down what your car has. Spend some time figuring it all out....... If your car is a "late" '02 you'll see F55 (suspension) as opposed to F45 for the earlier series. Look at the sticker on the driver's door and find the tire size and speed rating. Try to run Chevron, Texaco, or Shell gas......87 is fine (recommended by GM) and don't be afraid to turn off Traction Control once in a while and redline the car through 1st and 2nd. Learn how to DRIVE the car, not just sit in it. (BTW...the cutesy s/s caps on the lug nuts are flimsy......use a 3/4" or 19mm socket to ease them off before trying to attack the lug nuts with a 19mm socket. 100 ft/lb of torque on all lug nuts. OR go to ezaccessories.com and get a set of long 12x1.5x3/4 acorn hardened nuts. You're gonna have fun, but you haven't got your feet wet, yet)