: 2000 to 2004 or 5 Northstar information

06-30-07, 05:20 PM

07-02-07, 07:12 AM
AJ, is the "easy" way to tell a 2000-2003 engine apart from a 2004-2007 engine the main sight shield? That is, the 2000-2003 sight shield covers only the valley area and does NOT include the cam cover, but the 2004-2007 sight shield goes all the way down across the "front" (left) cam cover?

07-02-07, 12:37 PM
The 06 and 07 block are different.
I see that I had listed 04 to 07 together. The cams must be the same, but the blocks and crank must be different.
The crank sensor on 06 and 07's is mounted in the valley next to the starter.

07-02-07, 03:19 PM
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