: I need new friends. Really, I do.

06-29-07, 10:03 PM
So, I get a call this morning. "What are you doing for the fourth?!" I say, "Oh, going to my buddies house...drinking beer, swimming, hot tub, fireworks, jeep, rabbit hunting, clay pigeon shooting, fireworks, beer, jeep, rabbits, fireworks, dry ice bombs, beer, acetylene bombs, beer, blown ear drums, fires, beer, whisky, beer, fire. The usual."

He says "Oh, well I'm throwing a giant party at my place in La Jolla with a couple of live bands and two bars inside my house and one bar on my giant outside patio that you can see 9 different fireworks shows from after dark." And you can see both La Jolla and Mission Beach from my front door, and I have steps leading down to both of them if you don't like the action in the ginormous house with the live music and open bar and scantilly clad San Diego girls and Arizona girls that come to San Diego for the summer. You should come."

"You should come" he says. WTF?

"F off" I tell him. "I have to work the next day. I've never called in sick to work in my life, yet, and I'm not going to start yet. Plus, how am I going to get to San Diego. I live an 8 hour drive away!"

He says "Just be at the airport in Sacramento at 7:00 on the morning of the fourth. You're flying southwest."

"F off, I say. I have to work the next day. How am I going to get back home in time, and sober, to work?"

He says "Don't worry about it. You should be getting a call anytime now. You don't work till Friday morning at eleven thirty. Your plane lands at 8:00 friday morning. You'll have an hour to get home and an hour to get ready, then go to work. You'll be fine."

Just about then, my house phone rings. It's one of the girls from work. She just wants to call and tell me "Thanks! I really needed that money, and thanks for letting me work your shift on Thursday!"

I say "Huh?"

Then I realize. My douchebag friend somehow managed to talk someone into working for my the day after the fourth of july. I'm assuming he paid them, because that's what we do at my work. Extra incentive, ya know? And he bought me roundtrip airfare to San Diego, and I've got a taxi lined up to get me from the airport to his house on the morning of the fourth. I don't know how I'm getting back to the airport on the sixth, but I don't care.

I need new friends. :):alchi:
Anybody want to come to La Jolla?

06-29-07, 10:08 PM
Yeah, I'll come out to La Jolla, I need a friend that's seven feet tall. Tallest friend I've got is 6'6" and that's a full foot taller than I am! So when I stand next to you I can really get the inferiority complex! :p

Hahaha just kidding, but yeah, it'd be cool to party with you Spyder, you seem like a pretty cool guy.

06-29-07, 11:21 PM
Getchour ass a flight!

06-29-07, 11:31 PM
You poor thing! How ever will you cope with the trauma?:)

Jonas McFeely
06-30-07, 12:49 PM
Wow. Thats really cool.

06-30-07, 12:51 PM
That sounds like something I'd do for my friends if I had the means. None of my friends would do that for me. Have a great time!

06-30-07, 12:57 PM
how is this guy NOT the best friend EVAR?
i mean really
holy ****

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07-06-07, 05:22 PM
Well crap. It was a good time.

Pics and a quick description coming soon...now I must sleep.

Bat Guano
07-06-07, 06:37 PM
Was it all a dream?:bigroll:

07-06-07, 06:39 PM
I hate u.:bouncy:

07-06-07, 07:10 PM
Hey Shorty!!!
Wake up already; and,:burp: tits
tell us how you did! :alchi: :lildevil:
That is an awesome buddy to have.
When is the next bash?
We are all coming.:thumbsup:

Best Regards,

TomDeville :cool2:

07-09-07, 01:04 AM
Nah, no dream. I got home at 7:30 friday morning and proceeded to work 36 hours in two days...after spending a day in La Jolla for the fourth and a full wild and crazy day in Tijijuana on the fifth. I promise, I'll get to the pics one of these days. Today was my first day off and I slept most of it, did laundry, cleaned up my crap and slept some more. Now I'm going back to bed cause I'm still frickin exhausted...I work at 8 tomorrow, so with any luck I'll get them up tomorrow. :)