: Dew Cadillac in St Petersburg Florida

06-28-07, 09:15 PM
I have to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful group at Dew Cadillac.
I have a 1998 Catera and it is the Famous Red headed Step Child car of Cadillac but still drives great and I love mine to Death !!!
Todd and the wonderful Service People at Dew took great care of me and my Catera. My car was out of service for 4 weeks trying to figaure out what was wrong. Dew Finally found out what was going on and got me on the road asap ! Then My Catera Died again the same day it came out of the shop and i called almost in tears and they got me a tow back and a rental car and my Catera Fix once again in no time all in a day turn around time. I would be lost with out them and they were wonderful help. Dew and the Team at Dew Cadillac has restored my faith in Cadillacs again.

Again Todd THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !!!!!
Great Job guys at Dew !!! :worship:

08-20-07, 07:55 AM
Good to hear someone has some luck with these guys!!! Over 50% of the times I take my car in to get something repaired I end up taking it back in a few days later when I realize they still didn't fix the original issue. And their detail shop SUCKS!!! I went in for a full detail (mind you I'm VERY anal about my cars & it was probably one of the cleanest cars they've detailed) and they put some MAJOR swirl marks on the hood with their buffer that took some serious work from me to get out. And they didn't clean the inside glass. They were actually dirtier when I picked it up than when I dropped it off. There were smuges all over from where they had rubbed up against the glass & then didn't clean it off.

Most of the people a re pretty nice though. Other than the used car manager that is. He's a real horse's ass! I won't get into the details, but I'll kick him square in the balls if I ever see him out in public.

It takes me 45 minutes to get to their dealership and would take me at leats an hour and a half to get to the next closest, so I keep going to them, but I just walk in knowing that I'm probably going to have to make multiple trips back to get things fixed correctly and I'm not going to be happy with their quality of work.

09-16-09, 02:57 PM
Dear FL01SS and kegafford,

As the Service & Parts Director of Dew Cadillac I have to take the good with the bad. I would like to thank both of you for the business. I am sorry to hear about the trouble you had FL01SS with our service and detail departments in the past. I have to say I get a lot more stories like the one kegafford posted then I do like yours but I know we are not perfect and make mistakes. What I would like is the opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. If you would like to call me some time to discuss your problems I will try to make right on them. It is in my best interest to make you happy. Not only because I want your future business but also because I would be afraid of what you might do to my ability to reproduce if I can't, and run into you in public. :D

Call me any time at 727-822-2019

John Johnson

09-22-09, 11:02 PM
Now that I see the Service/Parts Director from Dew is reading the forum, I thought I would share something that was posted by a friend on a motorcycle forum I'm also a member of. Being that I'm in a similar position at my dealer it's nice to see and hear the good stuff people have to say!:)

Quoted from the other site: "I started having problems with the XLR Several months ago. Its a long story, but essentially, there was a problem somewhere in the electronics that was producing error codes on the dash left and right. We would be driving and then "Service Traction Control" and "Service ABS" would pop up on the dash. We'd take it in, get it back a few days later, drive it and the same codes would pop up.

This went back and forth a bunch of times. 10 visits total. Each time, Cadillac would approve a certain level of repair, the dealer would do their best and it still wouldn't be right. We even had one instance where we got every code imaginable. Service Traction Control, Service ABS, Service Radar Cruise, Service Fuel Cap. It was ridiculous.

After the 8th visit, we talked to the GM of the dealer. He assured us they would get it right and was very apologetic. During the whole process, we were treated like their best customer. We got free Cadillac rentals so we were never without a car. We have a dedicated service writer who knows us personally and the dealer genuinely was doing everything thing they could. The car was bought Certified Used with 9K miles so it could NOT be Lemon lawed...which the dealer admitted they would have done after the 5th visit.

Our patience and understanding paid off. We recognized early that the problem wasnt the dealer. It was the car itself and Cadillac home office that would only authorize certain parts during each session. The final visit was a 5 day affair and the car got all new computer, sensor modules, some new wiring, etc.

We have had her back for 4 weeks without a problem. Every week since its last visit to the shop, they called us to make sure we were'nt having issues. This week they call us and ask if we can stop in. We roll in this evening and are greeted by the service manager and our service writer. The service manager hands us a little outfit for the baby that has "Cadillac Princess" printed on it and also hands us a check for $XXXX (Dollar amount removed by XXSS as not relevant) for the inconvenience and loss of use of our car while it was being taken care of.

Dew Cadillac in St. Pete, Florida! The best I have ever dealt with. I'd recommend them to anyone.

In a time when everyone is cutting costs, these guys went the extra mile to help a customer.

Refreshing![/B] END QUOTE

Great job! One customer at a time treating people with respect!

01-21-10, 12:29 PM
Thank you XXSS for passing that story along. I remeber you friend very well. He and his wife are great people. Tell them I said hi next time you see them.