: I found a 1979 Sedan Deville for 200.00

06-26-07, 05:12 PM
I found a yellow 1979 Sedan Deville for 200.00, it has been sitting up for a year but cranked now and then. I haven't seen the car in a long time. I called the owner to look at it. They said it needs a battery, inspection sticker and registered to start with. supposed to run fine with 1500 spent on AC. He said it has a few rust spots. He used it for his railroad work car and now he is retired and his wife wants it out of the way. I will probably just resell it if I think I can make a couple hundered off it after buying a battery and registering it and inspction sticker. I have to look at it again it's been a long time since I saw it. LOL TexasCadillac

06-26-07, 05:37 PM
Why register it?. Why not just have the seller sign the title but dont put your name anywhere on it?. Good luck!. :thumbsup:

06-26-07, 06:30 PM
I agree, if you are just turning it over, leave the buyer portion of the title blank.

Detail that car and get it running and sell it on ebay for a $1K profit :stirpot:

06-26-07, 11:18 PM
:yeah: Just don't get attached to it like I usually do.