: Newbie seeks trim advice

06-26-07, 09:48 AM
Hello! My first posting as a Fleetwood owner.

I recently bought a lovely black/burgundy '96 Fleetwood Brougham and have been working on her (new radio & new window film).

She has a few dings on the door and I am trying to decide on what to do.

The body shop have indicated that they can remove the dings but are unable to source the chrome trim strip that runs the side of the car front to end (front fender, door, 2nd door, rear fender-both sides).

I have not been successful sourcing this from the internet. The trim I have is complete, but once removed would have to be replaced. Its still shiny, but looks "wrinkled".

Please advise on the following:

1. Sources for replacement trim (New from GM/cadillac or any other replacement source sites)

2. If any of you all have redone their cars without the trim, how does it look? I think it may not be so bad at all to just fill the holes and repaint it all.

I do appreciate any and all advice.


06-26-07, 01:00 PM
i like the trim. When i got my '85 fleetwood, the trim that runs down the body of the car was all faded and looked yellow so i took it off. didn't like the way it looked it just looked like something wasn't right... so i put a new trim on that isn't stock. its a blue strip with chrome on the sides, looks pretty decent. you could always just take all of the trim off and do something custom. But i would definately leave the trim. go to http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/

and see if they have any listings. hope this helps

06-26-07, 01:13 PM
You could probably source NOS trim from GM, but it will be $$$$$$$$$. Try trolling e-bay or Hemmings. You might find something there. Good luck.


07-03-07, 09:26 PM
You should check out these posts from another forum. The posts are old but he may have some stuff left. Rusty has made me a great deal on some stuff. Good guy to real with. Hope this helps.