: "New" 1970 Sedan Deville Purchase!

06-25-07, 11:59 AM
Hey guys, i've been a member for quite some time, but I have just purchased my first cadillac. It is a 1970 Cadillac Sedan Deville, brown with a white vinyl top, with 14,000 original miles. Yes, you read it right.... fourteen thousand. The engine purrs like a kitten, it idles and runs like the engine in my 2001 ford crown victoria. This baby drives like a dream, floating down the road like it's driving on a cloud. The interior looks as if nobody has ever sat in it, ever. The paint isn't perfect, but it's not the worst thing in the world. I will post pictures as soon as I can!:bouncy:

Highway Star
06-25-07, 12:51 PM
Sounds nice! Congrats. :)

06-25-07, 12:58 PM

06-25-07, 02:02 PM
nice. i hope you know we all envy you. how much did the ol girl cost?

06-25-07, 02:31 PM
Congrats! Definetly the high point of the land yacht era Cadillacs!

06-26-07, 12:01 AM

06-26-07, 12:06 AM
Congratulations, Ari! I look forward to seeing your new prize. She sounds like a beauty. Happy motoring!


06-26-07, 12:11 PM
Congrats. Even though I own a 2006 STS, my favorite year for Cadillac was th 1970. My uncle had a dark green Fleetwood Brougham with the Black Leather and Black top. It was so luxurious. So much so than the ones out today. I loved that car.

06-26-07, 12:47 PM
Congratulations on your purchase, '70 is one of my favorite years! Now lets see some pics!


06-26-07, 12:58 PM
Congrats! Definetly the high point of the **land yacht** era Cadillacs!

I heard my name being called!!

Seriously though, 1970 was an excellent year, and 14k, DAYUM!! :thumbsup:

06-26-07, 01:02 PM
yeah i ve always been a big fan of the 1970 fleetwoods and devilles. i still have to say my favorite years for cadillac were the 1967-1970 coupe devilles. nothing goes with that flat roofline like a big long door and small back window

06-26-07, 06:09 PM
I know ull love it too, I love mine

not only my first lac.. my first car :thumbsup:

06-27-07, 07:57 AM
After driving the 70 deville, getting into my 2001 crown victoria was hard. It made my crown victoria feel like the size of a honda civic! The baby rides like a giant cloud, floating down the street. The original interior is absolutely perfect. Pics this afternoon!

06-29-07, 03:32 PM

Highway Star
06-29-07, 04:32 PM
That's a beauty Ari. Was it a local find?

06-29-07, 08:54 PM
What is the story behind it?

06-29-07, 10:22 PM
Holy smokes man, that's beautifiul! What color do they call that?

06-29-07, 11:04 PM

06-30-07, 04:11 AM
Personally, i'd call it brown. Heh. I cheated though, I took the pictures fresh after rain, so the paint looks shinier than it actually is right now. ;-) All it really needs is a nice waxing and some touchups tho! It was a local find, and it still has the owner's manual and related documents. Attached to the back inside cover of the owner's manual is a little card that shows the name and address of the original purchaser, and date of purchase of the vehicle. Quite interesting! I'm trying to find out more about the story behind the vehicle. The back seat in this baby literally looks as if nobody has ever sat on it. The only problems that I have seen so far are a dead battery and a slight oil leak. There's a classic auto repairs center decently close to me, and the owner of it used to own a cadillac dealership in the 60's through the 80's, so he knows the cars pretty darn well! Perhaps i'll take it by there and get some general service done on the vehicle. I'll post a couple of more pictures when I can! Thank you for your comments, they are much appreciated!

06-30-07, 11:19 AM
Like Brian, 1970 is one of my favorite years for Cadillac in general.

Can I see some shots of the interior? What kinda options does she have?

07-02-07, 05:41 PM
The only problems that I have seen so far are a dead battery......

hmmmm I had the same problem - now its WAY worse, I cant even hook the battery up with out the posistive terminal gettin fire hot, any luck with a battery replacement?

07-03-07, 03:41 AM
I~LUV~Caddys8792, I'll get you some more shots of the interior as soon as I have some free time. The interior is absolutely gorgeous though, I must say so myself. Impeccable.

3rd, so far I can only see my problem consisting of the battery being dead. I haven't had any problems with hot terminals yet, but I will definitely let you know if I run into anything when I get around to replacing the battery!

08-10-07, 06:39 PM
69 and 70 were some of the best made.

08-11-07, 09:15 AM
And then there were 4. My '00 DTS is getting tuned, but here are the other 3. As you recall I purchased the 1970 Convert. 4 weeks ago. WELL, look what I found and bought yesterday. Her name is "Baby" she is a 1960 Eldorado Seville with 22K on her. Here are some pics of Gramma (the '70) Priscilla (the 96) and Baby (the new 1960 Eldorado Seville) Aint she perty???