: Decided 2 Sell My Caddy

06-24-07, 01:15 PM
I havent posted on this site in a while cause I have been too busy with personal issues. But at this point I have given up the love for the caddy since it has become a burden. Between the harassement from my wife and the police which have ticketed me several times for working on my car cause my neighbor has told them that I dump oils in the ground. Which is really really dump since my home runs off of well water and hers does not. So wouldnt I kill myself first before destroy the underground water supply but anyhow. I just wanted to say goodbye to the people that I have met and to the great info I gained on this site. I will miss reading the threads on detail troubleshooting only wishing that it could be applied to my other cars.

Nice meeting you all and I hope the level of love for your caddies doesnt suffer like mine has.