: Finally got a new digital camera!

Night Wolf
06-24-07, 02:13 AM
Yup, I'll be able to supplemnt my mega-posts with mega-pictures again... better then ever.

My first/previous digital camera was a Toshiba PDR-3300. I had it for about 4 or 5 years, and really got alot of use out of it. It was a 3.2 MP camera, and had alot of neat features. One of the selling points when I first got it, and one of the things I liked most about it, was that it had a Canon lens. Being quite found of Canon and their history, I liked that. I liked it so much that when it was time for me to get a digital cam corder... miniDV with SD card slot, I chose Canon, also based on alot of reviews... got the ZR200, which I am very happy with.

Well, the Toshiba finally died a few months ago. For awhile most all of the little pegs that held the battery door closed were broke, so I had to wrap the wrist strap around the battery door... then the last week or so it was taking washed-out pictures, and finally just stopped working... I took it apart, but found nothing to fix, not that these can really be fixed.

That thing was a battery hog, took video with no sound and had a small LCD... but I liked it alot, itserved me very well, and I got alot of use out of it.

So... I spent quite a bit of time reviewing my next digital camera... There are alot of new ones around $130, 5-6MP that looked nice... but all were basic...

digging deeper, I found a gem that is now discountiuned, but can still be bought new, and at a super bargin... ~98% of reviews were nothing but praise, and... it was a Canon... had everything I was looking for in a digital camera, including power by AA's (since i just bought a set of ni-mh and a 15min charger for the toshiba) and SD cards (since I have 2 512mb cards from the Toshiba)

Canon Power Shot A630. 8.0MP, 4x optical zoom, vari-angle 2.5" LCD and a whole lotta features.

Best of all... while searching, NewEgg had the thing for $203 shipped, brand new... with free 1gb SD card.... I jumped on it.

It is last Falls model (old by now I guess) but really awesome, I even asked the guy at Best Buy who actually knew a thing about digital cameras, and he said he was an awesome camera and he dosn't blame me for picking that over any one of the cameras they had there minus the SLR's.... I respect that.

My only gripe about the Canon is that, like my Toshiba, there is no dedicated spot for the SD card, and it is shared in the battery bay... it is a pain, but I am use to it by now, so oh well. It takes movies with sound, and not just in 30sec clips either... I can't wait to really try it out tomrrrow.

8.0 mega pixels is quite big too, as I hardly ever had a use for the full 3.2MP on my Toshiba... all I really do is put pictures on the internet.

Here is the camera with details... I'm really excited about it.

Also neat is the fact that it is an exact fit for the Toshiba soft carry case that my old camera came with (and sadly never used too much) I also have a larger padded Toshiba camera case that I'll be using once I dig it up.

Night Wolf
06-24-07, 03:09 AM
It seems like the bundled software with the camera isn't all that good... I can't even find where to resize the pictures, let along a batch resize feature, something that my friends Fuji software had and I thought was awesome...

I took a few pictures of the old Toshiba... a little memorial for it... I really enjoyed that camera, but the new one should bring many years of photography enjoyment :)

The cameras smallest setting is 640x480, which is quite small... the next size is 1600x1200, which is what these pictures are taken with... I didn't really play with it, just turned it on, put it on marco mode and took the pics.

I really need to get software with batch rezise though, I like taking full size pictures, but sizing them down for the internet.

Here is the old Toshiba. It came with a remote for the self timer... something that the Canon dosn't have... it was cool, but I hardly ever used it. I remember reading reviews, alot of people didn't like the square bulky look, but I liked it alot. Also of people also didn't like the seperate power/shutter cover sliders... but I liked those alot too. The new Canon is about the same size as the Toshiba, but thinner, and better to hold due to the shape... more erogonomic too.


The back... the 1.3" display, which at the time was pretty much what everything had. The simple layout of controls, which honestly, I really liked, as only the buttons you mostly use were on it, everything else was in the menu. The camera could also be put into full manual mode, which was pretty cool.


Heh, I've got a little Canon thing going. Both serve(d) great. I got hooked on the Canon thing, and I think I'll be with it for awhile... they've been around for 80 someodd years already.


I wasn't too concerned about getting the highest end camera, and I think a $200 price limit was pretty good (IIRC the Toshiba was $350 or so when new) but I think I got a great deal. After all, Aimee is going to be a professional photographer, she has a Nikon D200, which takes really good pictures, so I just wanted something for me to take my own pictures with for the internet, ebay and various digital photo albums... also a camera for us to take when we go places cause her Nikon is pretty big and bulky and she dosn't like taking it places she dosn't need too.

I looked at Nikon, I figured their high end cameras were really nice, their starter cameras may have a trickle down effect... but everytime I saw a Nikon that I liked, and read reviews, there was always a Canon that just beat it out for one reason or another... I read reviews on new Canon cameras, which made some comparisons to 6-months ago model, then started researching the A630/A640, saw that for the price they were a smokin bargin... and decided on it. The A640 is ~$80 more, 10mp vs 8mp and I think had a couple other options... the 8.0MP is already large enough for me, and I didn't need the other options, not to meniton I do like the silver on the 630 better then the black on the 640.

Also neat, the trim ring around the lens can be removed and you can attack accessories to the camera... different filters and attachments, external flashes, and they even make an underwater case kit for it! Pretty slick :)



06-24-07, 08:04 AM

Lets you batch resize photos easily.

06-24-07, 09:16 AM
This is a great review, especially for someone like me who also has an antique digicam on the fritz at the moment, but between finding a price I can stomach and reading hundreds of reviews...it's next to impossible to decide on one.

I bought my brother a Canon a couple of years ago, and it's better than any other one we have, so I'm definitely going to take a better look at them again.

I really never get that much into changing settings, but the biggies for me are fantastic picture quality AND being able to choose a size (oddly, I had one new digicam for about a week recently, until I found out there was no choice here...it was just huge and not great quality, or nothing).

06-24-07, 10:03 AM
kudos on the new Canon camera, I'm a big fan of Canon.

Night Wolf
06-24-07, 10:53 AM
The Canon defintily has great picture quality.

It has auto settings, which is just that... then it has a host of manual settings as well as scene modes.... just like my old Toshiba, you've got easy point and shoot, but can also get into the details and do cool things with the manual mode... I've got a tri pod too.. it was kind of a little thing on the side I was doing a while back.

The camera has 4 or 5 different size settings from 640x480 to the full 8.0MP, and 3 quality settings also, though I keep it on superfine.

The vari-angle LCD is awesome, you can unfold it and flip it around and it is just like it is built into the camera, but then it flips back around to protect it when you are not using it... or you can move it anywhere, so you can hold the camera way over your head and tilt the screen down to still see the picture etc... At first I thought it was going to be anooying, but it is really handy, you can get close ground shots without having to get on the ground etc....

It really is an awesome camera... Maybe a little too much for the person that just wants to simply point and shoot... but I don't think so, because this camera can just as easily be a point and shoot camera. It uses 4 AA batteries, so rechargeables are a must, and in my case, I wanted a camera powered by AA's.

$200 shipped with free 1gb card you just can't beat... all because it is last Fall's model. Canon stopped production of the Powershot A630, but they still support it... knowing Canon, it'll be supported for a while to come as well.

All the reviews, weather it was editorial or user reviews gave praise to this camera.... and personally I have strong brand loyalty, when something works, and works well, and the company has been doing what they are doing for a long time, I have no reason not to stick with them... this would be my 3rd Canon product... atleast optical equipment, and I have been happy with all of them so far. Durable, look great without being too flashy or anything, and do what they are made to do really good.

I gotta wash the Town Car later, I'll get osme pictures of it when its all done... I'm excited about it.


Lets you batch resize photos easily.

Awesome! I can't wait to try it... thanks! :)

Night Wolf
06-24-07, 11:47 AM
alright, so I decided not to wash, dry and ICE the Town Car... I am sleepy, it is 12:30PM and I gotta be at work at 9:30PM... I havn't slept since noon yesterday....

so I went out and got a few pictures, mostly of the Brougham, but I took one of the Town Car and a marco shot too.

I am very happy with it, it was just on auto mode, nothing special, I havn't really messed with any of the settings or anything, but I like it alot already, I think the pictures are great.

Here she is.... just put 800 miles on her to FL and back... and now she'll sit under the carport for the rest of the week while the Isuzu gets driven to work everyday. I am gonna wash her tomorrow, I hate the bugs sitting on it... but I need to get some sleep today.


Pretty good marco mode too... plus a little zoom.


It captures all the green really nice as well as the brick and concrete too.... I think this was a good choice... can't wait to really take more pictures :)


06-24-07, 12:22 PM
Nice. I love cameras. I bought a Sony DSC-P150 when they were new. $450 for 7.2mp back then, and $80 for a 512mb memory stick. Amazing camera at the time.


I've finally saved enough, and I'm stepping into the SLR world. For the photography I want to do, point and shoot just doesn't cut it anymore. Plus my camera has developed a small dust problem on the CCD. I decided I'll just give that to my mom, she likes it. I'm buying a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi sometime this week. I've started looking at additional lenses, and can tell already most of my income is going to be put into this camera.


Night Wolf
06-24-07, 12:29 PM
Yeah digital SLR is definitly the top end stuff...

but for me, that was simply too much... wayy too much. Too much money and too much camera.

My girl is going to school, this is going to be her career... so I don't need the flashiest camera... this PowerShot A630 is already a huge step up from my old Toshiba anyway.

Some of Sony's cameras are nice, but I've heard some negative things about them too... personally I like Sony alot.... I've just learned over the years to stay away from their home audio speakers and a couple other things... they make great TV's and video equipment, never really had any first hand experience with Sony optic stuff.

06-24-07, 02:01 PM
Good stuff , I like Sony products and quite love them .I have been using Sony A 100 DSLR and it's just a superb machine .

06-24-07, 05:40 PM
Just ordered it, should be here Wednesday :dance:

The other thing about my Sony is you have to hold your hand PERFECTLY still or else the picture comes out blurry. Though the new Sony cameras can detect shake and correct it.

Night Wolf
06-24-07, 07:44 PM
ordered the PowerShot A630? Sweet!!

Yeah, the A630 dosn't have image stabilzation, but i don't need it... you have to move a step up in the Cannon line to get that, but it is alot more expensive.

That is something my Toshiba did well, hardly ever took a blurry picture... so far the Canon is doing well too.

06-24-07, 08:20 PM
Actually I ordered the Rebel XTi :cloud9:

I also picked up a really great book today. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. He explains how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO affect your pictures. Lots of simple, practical advise on how to make the most of your pictures.

Night Wolf
06-24-07, 08:31 PM
oh, nice... you'll have to post picstures of it when you get it :)

Yeah, I used to be into the manual settings too... but, eh, I just like the auto setting... my other half has the photography thing covered :)

06-25-07, 04:07 PM
Im not as interested in pictures of an old Camera as I am of this Aimee person :D

06-25-07, 04:11 PM
ordered the PowerShot A630? Sweet!!

Yeah, the A630 dosn't have image stabilzation, but i don't need it... you have to move a step up in the Cannon line to get that, but it is alot more expensive.

That is something my Toshiba did well, hardly ever took a blurry picture... so far the Canon is doing well too.

Wow... no way. I beg to differ on this one simple point. I have a 2.0MP Canon A Series I bought from Jesda for 57.00. It takes incredible pictures in *PURE DAYLIGHT* or where theres LOTS of available light, but its *HORRID* when it comes to any lowlight or dusk lighting situations. I have to hold the camera PERFECTLY still to get a clear picture in low light situations.

Then the other day I used my girlfriend's camera, a Sony Cybershot something or other with image stabilization in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, with NOTHING but its own flash to take pictures of the underside of the Escalade and I almost fell over when I saw the pictures were not fuzzy, blurry, dark, or illegible. You could literally read the label on the frame!

It did this thing where it would shoot 3 quick "pre flashes" before it would finally shoot to detect the focusing of the image, then it would apply the image stabilizer and take the shot, plus the red eye reducer. The other advantage of this arrangement was that you could hold the button down halfway in total darkness and use the red eye reducer light as a TARGET for the exact spot you wanted to shoot, even if you couldnt see the display. It was the best time Ive had using a camera in along time. For me it's Canon or Sony all the way, and only with Image Stabilization from now on... it is WELL worth it.

You may think youll never need it, but at least for me, half the time when I think of some crap to take a picture of to post on this forum alone, if nothing else, happens in the middle of the night.

Took this in the middle of the night with no available light but the flash on the camera, with the display completely out of my line of sight, and the camera sitting at an angle. The 2.0MP canon would have choked, and this is still scaled down...

06-25-07, 06:14 PM
My Sony isn't too great in the dark. It recently let me down big time. Coming home from work I see a Murcielago parked in front of a store. I take out my Cybershot and have a photo session. Every single picture came out blurry, except for one. I took about 14 pics altogether. Ridiculous.




Night Wolf
06-25-07, 07:13 PM
Im not as interested in pictures of an old Camera as I am of this Aimee person :D


06-25-07, 07:54 PM
I like this alot more than the camera :) Well done sir.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress .

06-25-07, 07:56 PM
Gary, does your Cybershot have an Image stabilizer? I was shaking the Sony I used *alot* as I crawled every which way underneath the truck... without the stabilizer they would have looked like CRAP.

06-25-07, 08:05 PM
It's about 3 or so years old, before they started using IS. Sony cameras have gotten a lot better as of lately.

06-26-07, 11:29 AM

Not what I expected. I'd hit it... in the light!