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06-23-07, 09:35 AM
I have started a post - for all to enter positive thoughts about our SRX's and our good experiences. I have little experience with my 07 SRX - but all is good today. Please - if you post - keep it positive....

I'll start - I had searched for my SRX for 6 months - hoping for a loaded V8
'06, I found a loaded V8 '07 for a great price (Chesrown Cadillac). I had thought I would get to drive it - and for once have the "nice" car. Well my wife now lets her convertible sit and I rarely get to drive the SRX. That says alot -as the convertible was off limits for me most of the time.

c5 rv
06-23-07, 05:39 PM
The seats, the handling, the room, the looks.

Snow Thrower
06-23-07, 08:28 PM
the room and the looks

06-24-07, 10:48 AM
Thanks for starting this post. I had started a similar one a while back. I like my SRX a lot. Great power, great handling, great ride.

If I had not been so drawn in by the new Escalade, I would get another SRX when my lease is up positively.

c5 rv
06-24-07, 11:27 AM
If I had not been so drawn in by the new Escalade, I would get another SRX when my lease is up positively.

I know what you mean. One of my neighbors has a new Escalade and it looks great. Thankfully (?) my wife can't get up into it, so I won't be considering one.

06-24-07, 11:07 PM
i love mine..can't drive it though, between my work car and my TBSS battery dieing from sitting in the driveway for two weeks at a time lol.. only 1100mi on it since march.. and that's WITH the wife using it everyday.. sad

06-25-07, 10:38 AM
i step on the gas and it goes

06-26-07, 10:44 AM
i step on the gas and it goes

Don, I would buy the car based on your keen assessment alone. lol
Cadillac should be proud to have a walking testimony like you!

I love my SRX due to the fact that I used to drive pick-ups. The first thing
I would do is put a topper on it. My best friend told me, you should look at
the SRX, it already has a topper on it. I have hauled everything from door
slabs to 20 bags of top soil to four golfers with clubs. it suits my needs well.
My wife said I earned/deserved it.
yes dear..........whatever you say dear..........
All in all, I can't see myself driving anything else. OK, maybe an EXT. But at
65K I guess I haven't arrived quite yet. I have owned an 04 & 06, and neither
have been perfect. But what vehicle is? Toyota? yeah right.....................
What anything is perfect? The Sharp TV I bought that blew in 13 months?
Cadillac owners have higher expectations, and they should. But we need to realize nothing is perfect.

06-26-07, 01:02 PM
Because I like GMJIM so much (not just because he knows the secret to what the redesigned 2010 SRX is to look like!!!!!!!!!!!!) I will respond more about the SRX.

Honestly, I am a super lead foot, 11mpg in my V8. I love its acceleration in combination with AWD, in a rainstorm you can still belt out some serious off the line times. I have been in the Q8, and the MDX, they are 4 bangers compared to the Northstar, kudos for the last Vestige of American Muscle. the tip-tronic is great, and functional when it is needed.

I love the seat, a grown mans seat, that is comfortable. I am a muscley 5'9"/240 American Italian, obviously the car was built for me. I like all the positions it adjusts too, and the heat is sweet.

I still to this day (after everyone is switching back to the ford taurus bubble look) am super happy with the look of the SRX. I love it, it has lasted the test of time and still looks mean, from the front/back/side.

The handling on my SRX is AWESOME for what is termed as a "truck". It is a sports car in a XUV. I have 20"'s on my car (and it corners much better than the stock 18"s) I guarantee it. It doesn't pitch in a top heavy manner when blasting around corners. Passengers who are not used to the handling are in disbelieve when I ram a corner, and the combination of stability control/TC/handling/20" takes place.

AWD is awesome in both heavy downpours at highways speeds, and in snow.

All the lights are fun/functional. The big DRL, the fog lights really light up the curbs, the HID lows are great, and HI's are good too. The tail lights look cool from the back, and illuminate anyone who is behind you in traffic/stoplight, so you can peep into what they are doing.

The stock Bose stereo is pretty damn good, it lacks a aux input, but overall its pretty good, as long as the windows are closed.

I am in love with the automatic dim feature on the rearview mirror and driverside mirror. Life has been hell up to now with headlights in my mirrors at night (sensitive eyes), now I never put any thought into it, unless I am back in a rental.

I frequently put 10 inch pipe, 2X4's and all sorts of boxes and ladders into the SRX, it takes all of them without flinching, and if i NEED extra space, I just put them out the top front of the ultraview, how convenient! If you are piling stuff in the car, you will be surprised as it takes on more than you think.

06-26-07, 03:58 PM
My SRX is the best, nicest ride I have ever had, and being in my early 50's, I've had a few. Sure, I had a couple of nagging little problems with it (window, CD-changer, ultraview rattle) but they were always taken care of and I was even "compensated" for them by Cadillac. I love the way it rides, handles, and looks and as long as Caddie is still making them when I'm ready for a new one, I'll be ordering up another black on black SRX. Maybe 2009 or 2010??

06-26-07, 05:16 PM
wait a second guitarbob!

how were you "compensated" by cadillac for a creaky ultraview roof?

can you provide names and numbers of your contacts?

06-27-07, 04:45 PM
wait a second guitarbob!

how were you "compensated" by cadillac for a creaky ultraview roof?

can you provide names and numbers of your contacts?

Don........You were doing sooooo good! Easy now buddy.
Your evaluation in your previous post brought tears to my eyes.
Luv u man...............sniff........lol

c5 rv
06-27-07, 08:56 PM
Don........You were doing sooooo good! Easy now buddy.
Your evaluation in your previous post brought tears to my eyes.
Luv u man...............sniff........lol

LOL, I'm dying here.

06-28-07, 11:26 AM
<<<<<<<--------***don sits not amused waiting for guitarbobs answer***



06-30-07, 12:14 AM
I don't know if I can list everything . . .

The MRC is probably my fav feature -- I can really feel it adjusting over bumpy roads, the twisties, etc.

I love the UltraView -- everyone who gets into the car always has the same "Wow" when they see it.

It's def the best looking cross-over on the road.

Oh, yeah, the N* rocks.


08-21-07, 09:58 PM
I like the seats because I have a bad back and th SRX seats are great for a long trip. My wife likes the HID Headlights which light up the road. The ride is also GREAT!

08-22-07, 03:50 AM
We spent several days (late 2003 & early 2004) comparing SRX with Acura, BMW, MB, Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, other ricers, etc, etc (V6 to V6 and V8 to V8) driving both on same day over same road & off-road courses; we selected SRX N*V8 RWD with UltraView & tow package for quiet ride, power, handling, comfort, UltraView, etc. (Ecalade nice but just too big for us and our garage and ....... no UltraView).
We promptly ordered a 2004 N*V8 Blue Chip/ Ebony/ Driver & Pass power seats (no 3rd seat)/ Lumbar/ BOSE (no NAV)/ RWD/ Tow; but we canceled after 4-5 mo wait with no delivery date in sight (color combo ?? or tow w/o AWD ???).
We re-compared rides again without finding satisfaction, so we postponed for the year.
After several more months wait, we tried another SRX 2005 order late 2004;(same dealer, same sales lady) took ~ 10 wks, took delivery late January 2005 (NO REGRETS on the wait), but Cad came though and WE LOVE IT.
Also added the GM roof bar set to allow carrying 4x8 plywood on top; height does not restrict opening Ultra!!

08-22-07, 07:59 PM
Because my wife loves it when I pass cars now.

Infrared in Idaho
08-22-07, 08:46 PM
Lets see, the styling, the handling, acceleration, the looks from all the BMW, Acura, MB, and Volvo owners as you pass them in their four bangers. Could've had a V-8!!!! The only thing I don't like is the stupid "GM" badge on the lower portion of the front quarter panels. Wait a minute, if it doesn't mean "General Motors" it must be for the BMW, Acura, etc. drivers - "Get Mad".

08-22-07, 09:04 PM
is the stupid "GM" badge on the lower portion of the front quarter panels.

I removed mine. simple to do. Fishing line and then 3M adhesive remover (or wd40). Cleaner look without it on the SRX. Oddly , they bothered me on the SRX, but not on the Escalade.

08-23-07, 03:16 PM
Without a doubt the finest car I have owned and I too am in my early 50's. I used to drive a lot for work (computer service) and this is our 31st car in 30 years of marriage and my all time favorite. Love the seats, the power (even though it is a V6), the room and of course the look. I still get stares wherever I drive with the White Diamond with gold accents and pinstriping and even an occasional thumbs up. When it is time to replace this one I plan on getting another or whatever Cadillac is selling as its replacement.

09-01-07, 06:14 PM
I love its looks, acceleration ,handling, and ultra view. The bose sound system "ain't" bad either. And I think its "classy"!

09-03-07, 04:28 PM
There is simply no other vehicle like it. You can't tell that it used to be something else. Like the 'Lade used to be a Tahoe ect...

09-04-07, 08:07 AM
There is simply no other vehicle like it. You can't tell that it used to be something else. Like the 'Lade used to be a Tahoe ect...

Most people think it is derived from the CTS. While it shares many interior parts (pre 2007) with the CTS, it is actually more closely related to the STS.

Also, just to defend the new Lade :) ,even though the o7+ still looks like a Tahoe, the differentiation is much greater than the first two generations. I always chose Tahoes over Lades in the past b/c the differences were too small for me. The 07 had enough differences, advantages, and engine/tranny upgrades to sway me in 07. But I do agree, you know the Lade frame and body started life as a Tahoe. Get in and drive both side to side though, and you will see, feel, and hear the Caddy improvements to an already good GM product. Did I mention 403 HP......with no re-flash issues....yet.....:D

09-04-07, 02:23 PM
:thumbsup:I have a black 2004 SRX All Wheel Drive with the Northstar V8. It was the exterior styling that first grabbed my attention. I was at a Lexus dealership thinking of buying the RX 330 when I spotted the SRX. I asked the salesman if I could take the SRX for a spin. It took me barely 5 min. to decide to buy the SRX. I love the leather seats that adjust to my settings automatically. I love the sound system, the huge skylight, the third row that we use in a pinch. I love the theatre seating. I love how I feel behind the wheel. I feel like i'm queen of the road. When I put the pedal to the metal, this thing flies.

09-07-07, 12:52 PM
We had a 2004 SRX V8 AWD in Diamond White with all of the factory options. It was by far the finest and most luxurious cross over sport utility vehicle that I had ever seen.

The arts & science design theme was/is like no other vehicle on the road. There is absolutely no mistaking a Cadillac SRX for any other vehicle on the road.

It's stealth hard lines are like nothing else.

And what more can you say about the awesome power and torque of the Northstar 32 valve V8 engine. There's no reason why this engine and it's reliability have been on Ward's List of Top 10 Engines in the World....year after year.

We recently parted with our 2004 SRX for the new 2007 SRX in May of 2007.

Our newest member of the Cadillac family is a 2007 SRX AWD V8 in Diamond White. It to has all of the factory options.

We are absolutely in love with the Sport Edition package that includes the new designed front and rear bumper fascias and 20" mirror polished aluminum wheels.

The new interior with it's hand stitched dash and console is outstanding it appearance and feel. The wood veneers are absolutely gorgeous and of high quality furniture grade in there finish and appearance.

You KNOW that you love your car when you find yourself just sometimes sitting in it while its parked in the driveway and your going no where!

Dr p
09-07-07, 01:15 PM
Hello everyone, I love my Srx because in the cockpit you forget it's SUV, I mean I feel as though I'm in an STS with the way that it handles. I just bought it used in may and have put 8000 miles on it. Now I gotta drive my wifes 07 escalade to give a break.

09-07-07, 02:28 PM
I too am disillusioned with the 'melted hershey bar' look of most of today's cars, most noticibly the Lexus crossover. I love a previous poster's definition of the SRX 'stealth design concepts'. It reminds me of stealth aircraft with the angles and horizontal looks. So obviously, the appearance is what drew me to the SRX, but I love the smooth N* drivetrain, ultraview, nav, and interior too, among other things. I have been fortunate to have had very few quality issues, in spite of the fact that the SRX has been back and forth from Illinois to southern California three times. I bought a 'factory demo' as a certified used car with a 100k bumper-to-bumper warranty, so we drive our 01 Ford Ranger mostly around town and use the SRX for travel or when we need both vehicles. Love my SRX