View Full Version : MPG off, problem with my Info Center

06-22-07, 10:50 PM
So heres the deal, Ive noticed recently that my AVERAGE MPG has become considerably low....around 8.5-9.5 MPG.

Well at least thats what my Driver Information Center is telling me on my 2002 EXT (It is next to the CD changer).

But heres the thing. The computer is counting the time when my car is parked.

For example...when I park my car my Average MPG will start going lower and lower while still left in park. It seems that it is factoring in the 0 MPG that I get while in park....

my questions are....what should be replaced here?...the actual display?...or i there a main computer somewhere?

06-23-07, 04:57 AM
I would reset it and disconnect the battery for about 5 minutes and see if that fixes it.